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When evaluating prophecy, history & archaeology in perspective to the period of about 4,000 - 500 BC, the biblical Old Testament chronologies are a significant portion of the evidence available. Secular historical records overlap & continue to present time. Commonly, chronologies reference the 1st & last year of the recorded person's life without the day or month; numerating may or may not be inclusive; older biblical & secular historical records are also general; often providing relative but not exact dates. Both biblical & secular sources are good enough to get the big picture & substantiate the truth, inside a reasonable scientific margin of error, within a few years; referencing dates thousands of years ago.

Sometimes, authors on both sides of debates get overly emphatic about small discrepancies. However, a few inches over a mile is usually irrelevant unless it is a photo finish. Historically, a few years over a few hundred is usually the same. This author has used dates commonly accepted or reasonably substantiated by reasonable authorities, thus in the ballpark. 

Consequently, when researching historical dates specificity may or may not be possible & often small to moderate variations, usually within months to a few years is not uncommon, even amongst those of similar perspectives. So, pegging prophecies may be exact or so close that only evasive fault finding, permitted by God to allow excusers a way out, not considered if it was something they wanted to believe; their conscience confronted on their day of reckoning. Unfortunately, objective evaluation is further hampered by emotions injected because of pride instead of righteousness. However, take peace in knowing there is an exact truth, that the exact God knows, because He spoke it & He oversaw it; what can be known is so obvious, that what is not observable, not only must be, but is. Just as science has so clearly convinced us that electrons must be, though no one has ever seen one.

As you evaluate online & other sources, choose to allow what can be known to sharpen your vision; do not trash uncertain contradictions but shelf them until the truth is clear. Avoid even probable presumption at all costs; it is a guess not a fact; gambling with your integrity. God is more likely to enlighten a humble person acknowledging uncertainty than a prideful person prematurely presuming that they know.

Only God & the angels posses perfect faith (knowing). All of us humans have doubts. God is observing those who respond to doubt by persevering against prejudice, fears & selfish ambitions to find the truth, then submit, defend & promote it contrary to the same antagonisms, versus conceding to ignorance that permits taking the path of least resistance producing a false sense of self-determination actually controlled by prejudice, fears & selfish ambitions.

Many strain at a Nat of doubt, inconsistency or controversy 'yet' swallow a camel of misconception, deceit & lies to accomplish a self-justified conclusion ... thinking no one sees their internal reasoning & justifications ... but God, who knows the overwhelming odds were dismissed for a comparably insignificant possibility.

The author's own conscience was recently tested in the above regard, while writing the article, Creation versus Evolution, when researching online references; extra biblical supplementary scientific & historic information presented to the author in his early Christian years by apparent Christian professionals, supported by renowned Christian leaders, seemed logically reasonable thus taken at face value; some of the information may possibly, even probably be true but not 'as' substantiated as presented; some has been proven incorrect. Consequently, that article has been edited accordingly. Non of the information effects scriptural credibility, nor can any source but give an illusion of scriptural error. However, such discrepancies discredit Christians & afford false attacks on the truth of God. Reprobates will afford falsifications as reasonable imperfections in 'any realm' except Christianity, where even doubts become an occasion of repudiation.

3For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the faith (knowledge) of God without effect? 4God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That (we) might be justified in (our) sayings (& deeds), and might overcome when (we) art judged.   Romans 3: 3 & 4

Having a doctorate & being educated primarily in the sciences as an agnostic before ready the bible for myself at the age of 27, afforded me the humbling personal experience of realizing how much of a genius of an idiot homo sapiens can be without knowledge & awareness of their creator; our greatest achievements are experienced out of context & become futile referendums on vanity. With Him, the simplest endeavors become vibrant in depth of wisdom.

Thus I determined to use God's word as a filter for all knowledge, including science & even Christian scholars; in 21 years God's word has always eventually proven true. Obviously, there is knowledge outside of scripture, but data contradicting scripture is in error, contrary to how convincing the presentation. I can attest, trust God's word & search, but do not struggle & in time the evidence will confirm scripture; truth can not be truly disproved.

Shortly, after I became enlightened, a fellow confronted me attesting that the bible contradicted itself. He stated that the 4 gospels all contradicted each other regarding what was written on the cross of Jesus. I checked my bible & to my bewilderment, he appeared to be correct. I prayed & the thought came to me, to write the 4 statements out above each other:

  1. Matthew 27:37 THIS IS JESUS                               THE KING OF THE JEWS

  2. Mark 15:26                                                                  THE KING OF THE JEWS

  3. Luke 23:38         THIS IS                                            THE KING OF THE JEWS

  4.  John 19:19                        JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS

                  Each statement was different; complimentary, not contradictory. God's puzzle; each contained a portion, with non complete in themselves. The bible & life has proven thus to me 'til now ... let God's word be true, but every man a liar, including 'professing' Christians (me), scientists, historians, professors, teachers, technicians, doctors, judges, lawyers, police, tradesmen & laborers, etc.

Try telling an 'earthly judge' you did not believe the law because someone misinformed you ... how much more the 'Heavenly Judge' ... after being too busy & indifferent to truly be open minded; as most profess being open minded. Contrariwise, investigate with passion what might be true, at least as much as one would before making an earthly purchase of things that will perish, as houses & cars.

Consider, is it not peculiar that any faction other than Christians can be trusted after some have false represented that faction. People do not stop using doctors or lawyers because of what some doctors or lawyers did: more cautious perhaps but don't derelict the the whole group.  I remember the negative media representation of Christians that influenced me to not take Christians serious, without my realizing it.


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