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Want to Understand ???


Suspecting conspiracy in all dubious circumstances is unstable.

Never considering conspiracy is naive.

It is how much conspiracy - not all or none.

The INSIDERS are at odds trying to hide or expose conspiracy.

Obviously, conspiracy happens. People have been imprisoned for conspiracy. The people have been conditioned to think people commit conspiracy BUT government does not - government is people. It is not "if" but "how much" conspiracy. It is time to start listening to facts not propaganda. 1st lesson; those using 'conspiracy' in a derogatory context are part of the problem - ignorant pawns or purposeful perpetrators of conspiracy.

When evaluating sensitive issues it is imperative to stay calm to maintain objectivity; premature emotions are dangerous. Let the facts "prove beyond a reasonable doubt." Choose 1/2 to a dozen facts that are clear to anyone not in denial. Do not get distracted by the numerous points arguable by either side. Then choose 2-3 of the clearest facts that anyone with a reasonable IQ can easily comprehend - that only a fool or liar would try to dispute.


1.      The last 2,000 years (2:58:25 video).

      If hyperlink fails, find by searching YouTube/Google/Browser URL/Internet - by copying & pasting ...   

        A Lamp in The Dark, by Chris Pinto


2.      The New Atlantis - The Secret History of America's Beginnings, by Chris Pinto (2:45:55 video).

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            The New Atlantis - The Secret History of America's Beginnings, by Chris Pinto  


3.      Riddles in Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington D.C., by Chris Pinto (2:54:44 video).

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            Riddles in Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington D.C., by Chris Pinto


4.      230+ years ago; God warned the World, (5:51 video), about the Entity that would be used to bring about global-governance ...




May 1st, 1776, Jesuit educated Adam Weishaupt, founded the Illuminati (enlightened Luciferians), out of upper echelon Masonsin Bavaria,

Germany, 2 months before the USA July 4th, 1776, Declaration of Independenceas. Weishaupt was retained & financed by the Rothschilds, who started

5 international Banks, as bankers for the Vatican.    

30, 31 & 32 degree Masons, are Luciferian

The Illuminati was involved in the French Revolution.


1784, Weishaupt sent a message by horseman to Paris. God struck him down by Lightening.

The Bavarian police found the letter on the body & turned it over to the appropriate authorities. Illuminati lodges, homes & a castle were raided.

1785, the Bavarian authorities concluded that the illuminati are involved in a 200 year plan for 1 world government, using the USA as the primary instrument.

1786 the Illuminati was banned from Bavaria.

2013 (227 years later) ... Global Government is breathing down our throats.


      It is unlikely, people will listen, until they are suffering, at which point many will just blame God for not stopping what they & others brought on themselves ... followed by we did not / how could we have ... KNOWN ... when they would not listen, because it was not convenient with what they wanted, even their selfish desires, disguised as needs ... & or fears of being rejected, for accepting what was socially/politically unacceptable, in their desired realm of association.

      Then they will cry-out, "WHY GOD?" ... even, "I hate you God (if you are there)," for letting this (what I/we deserve), happen to me/us.

      DESERVE ... WHY?   Because they not only would not listen, but MOCKED, what was trying to be told to them ... permitting/advocating/being a part of persecuting the truth & those promoting the truth ... even accusing the TRUTHERS trying to warn them ... as being HATERS ... deserving rejection/punishment/persecution/extermination.

        If Download fails, try clicking this link ...   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9z9_3JZ_rdU,

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        Fake Aliens - The Satanic Illuminati UFO Conspiracy (Full Video)

            The 1st  6 minutes , of this 1 hour 19 minute video, is the portion directly applicable to to the "GOD WARNING" here referenced. The rest is an interesting exposure of how our world view is being manipulated, into accepting an agenda, being prepared for us by an elite few, & demons, by a flood of information, mixed with disinformation.

        Our media, exposes us to many fictional conspiracies, similar to the hard to believe truth, that is happening. If you believe the truth ... you are categorized, as watching/reading too much fiction, & or being a conspiracy theorist, who believes in little green Martians. The majority, being timid persons, choose to believe, they can just choose, not to be involved. Exactly, the intent of the perpetrators ... the minority, trying to expose the truth, can do little without the assistance of the majority. Thus actually endangered, by the lack of support from the majority ... eventually being persecuted ... thus God bringing judgment ... not because the world rejected Him; but because of the eventual injustice, that is about to be inflicted on the innocent, who tried to stop, what IS going to happen. God will intervene, not because because of His creation rejecting Him, but because those that reject God, do so because it is His justice, that they hate. Godly justice is set aside, by demons convincing mankind, there is a better way. Over time, mankind becomes more & more corrupt ... until the abuse of the innocent / the existence of mankind becomes threatened. God does not cause this ... but why does God permit this to happen ... read    Why Bad Things.


5.      The Hidden Faith of The Founding Fathers 2010, by Chris Pinto (2:59:31 video).

       If hyperlink fails, find by searching YouTube/Google/Browser URL/Internet - by copying & pasting ...  

            The Hidden Faith of The Founding Fathers 2010, by Chris Pinto


6.      Eye of the Phoenix - Secrets of the Dollar Bill: How America May Have Been Founded, by Chris Pinto (2:51:38 video).

       If hyperlink fails, find by searching YouTube/Google/Browser URL/Internet - by copying & pasting ...  

            Eye of the Phoenix - Secrets of the Dollar Bill: How America May Have Been Founded, by Chris Pinto


7.    Megiddo I - March to Armageddon - WORLD TYRANNY in our face, as FORETOLD, by God & man.


"There is no salvation for civilization, or even the human race, other than the creation of a world government."

 Albert Einstein


1776, on May 1st, a Russian holiday, 2 months before the USA Declaration of Independence, the Illuminati was created in Bavaria, Germany.

Germany started WW 1 & 2, which created the 2 greatest opposing world super powers, the USA & Russia.


1784, Weishaupt's, Illuminati 200 year plan for, One World Order government, using the USA, as the primary instrument.

The USA would give its citizens temporary freedom, to create national wealth, substantially by creating a large middle class.

Its national wealth would become the envy of the world & be used to influence & leverage other countries to follow suit, with regards to its

social-political-economic infrastructure, which inevitably would be globally manipulated by the International (World) Banks.


Next, create 2 World Wars, for acceptance of the UNITED NATIONS.

Cause global unrest, for acceptance of UN intervention.

The United Nations headquarters is in New York, NY, USA.


Americans will not knowingly give away their sovereignty, thus the USA is being brought down.

How? Through negative USA policies, negative propaganda & economic melt down.  


Yes foretold by God, confirmed by instigators bringing it into fruition, & those controlled/manipulated by those instigating its fruition.

Subtle, yet blatant, more & more, they have been putting it in our face for the last 2 centuries.

If you respond in agreement, they smile.

If you respond in protest, you are labeled a conspiracy theorist FREAK.

The ignorant conforming victims, thinking that they are free & not deceived, persecute the non-conforming victims trying to inform them.

The instigators are amused.

When the ignorant victims wake up, the non-conforming victims will not be able to help.

The instigators will laugh.


Consider, approximately ½ of the USA presidents have been Masons. Washington DC is fashioned after Masonic symbols which also adorn the American currency. Bush Sr., Bush Jr. & John Kerry supposedly belonged to Scull & Bones at Yale. How naïve or cowardly is a people that allows its government to be controlled by secret societies rather than be childishly labeled, "CONSPIRACY FREAKS." Apparently, Obama,  is a Muslim, associated with VERY questionable people, including Bill Ares, who in 1969 co-founded the Weather Underground, a self-described communist revolutionary group that bombed public buildings (including police stations, the U.S. Capitol Building, and the Pentagon) during the 1960s and 1970s. The 2012 presidential campaign is likely a Muslim vs. a Mormon. 


The Federal Reserve, created 1913, is not federal, rather International Bankers, who supposedly, print money out of air, by loaning money to the government & others; the loan becomes the asset, for the loan/$ printed; the loan is paid back with (Compounded) Interest).


The International Bankers made a fortune, creating the economic crash, by ripping off the public, then the government bails them out with public $.


 The people's $ is being given to the banks who continue to screw …



This article is obviously just the tip of the proverbial ‘End Times’ … ICEBERG - that is melting because of ‘Global Warming.’ Another ‘Good Crisis’ that the government will be sure not to waste, by implementing ‘Carbon Taxes.’


 By the way … have you made your appointment to have that ‘microchip’ implanted?


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The peace of God be with you !!!




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