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WOW ... What a Trip !

Vance's story


Failure + Jesus + Change & Perseverance > Adventure


1957 November 12th – Vance Coan was born to Canadians Harvey Lea Coan of Italian descent & Roberta Davis a descendant of Finland:

v  In Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada;

Ψ  About the time Vance was born, a book was written, dispelling the confusion created by abhorrent pre/mid/post TRIBULATION rapture theories; that book was given to Vance in mid-December 1985...

           April 2005, he had a dream, instructing him to write a related article ...  WHAT NEXT ???

Ψ   Vance was brought up, in a family that did not talk about God or go to church or read the bible.

Ψ   In school, he was taught the religion of evolution.

1963-4 Grade 1

v  He missed 6-8 weeks of school, due to a severe ankle sprain. Vance was walking to school, a tractor hit him from behind, as the driver was backing up without looking ... he was knocked down & the tractor crushed his shoe as he pulled his foot out, his ankle sprained, causing him to miss 6-8 weeks of school.

Ψ  November 22nd John F. Kennedy was assassinated – because Vance was at home healing, he saw the TV news alerts.

Ψ   The previous year, President Kennedy supported the US Supreme Court decision abolishing school prayer & bible reading. Morality & family stability plummeted – crime & violence skyrocketed, as forewarned by the  Founding Fathers, President Washington in particular.

v  Administrative miss-management of Vance's academic recovery, after missing 6-8 weeks of school, due to the ankle injury, resulted in him repeating grade 1. No one counseled him, concerning the trauma this caused. He was told the conclusion, by his teacher, but no one, including his parents, discussed it with him or asked him how he felt. 

Grade 1 twice & grade 2:                                                                               

v   Vance was treated as academically deficient, thus he performed academically deficient.

v   Lack of athletic exposure, resulted in sitting on the bench in every sport he initially played.

1966-7 Grade 3:

v  2 positive influences in his life, that year,  motivated him to excel in academics & athletics:

1.      Miss Harrington, Vance's grade 3 teacher, tutored him after school for a few weeks, to a couple months;

§  His grades jumped from C’s & D’s to A’s, B’s & C+’s.

§  Mathematics, was his 1st 'A' – Math & Chemistry (logistics) became

   his best courses.

2.      He started Judo lessons, under 2 Japanese brothers, who were national champions – he started to excel in sports.

§  1867-1967 Canadian Centennial year – he acquired Gold Badge

   in athletics. 

v  1967 June (that same year); Israel, successfully defending themselves against a unified Arab attack, during the 6 Day War, regained Jerusalem, their capital city. 

1967-8 Grade 4:

v  Vance's father’s parents passed away, 10 days apart, early that spring.

1968-69 Grade 5:

v  End of October, just a couple weeks before Vance's 11th birthday, his father left mother, to move in with another woman & her daughter.

v   Sitting in Mrs. Benfield’s class, contemplating life, from an evolutionist perspective, in the shadow of his dad’s parent’s having passed away & his father leaving, he contemplated that when we die, that was it … nothing, blank, that’s it, no more experience of anything good or bad ... so, what is important, is to live a good & fulfilling life. Further, he concluded, if he ever became crippled, he would end his life … no emotion, just a self derived conclusion, that the present understanding of life was acceptable, but only if not physically disabled – in the context of a self-determined contract. This became a self-determined foundational life concept, of a young boy, who had very little personal communication with his parents, adults or anyone, for that matter. Through most of his life, being a self-determined achiever, he got through most obstacles, with no or little assistance. However, this flawed conclusive perspective, about potentially ending his life, because of being disabled ... unknowingly, subconsciously opened the door to the potential of ending his life, because of other disfavorable circumstances ... which ultimately, unfortunately happened ... having had a mostly successful life, of high achievements, in 1985, at age 27, at a time of being on the verge of having the life he dreamed of ... triggered by fatigue, he foolishly over reacted, to a situation of limited consequence ... CATASTROPHY!

v  His Mother became a functional ALCHOLIC.

v  That spring, after successfully convincing a teacher, that the teacher was wrong in a altercation with a classmate, the teacher suggested he become a lawyer.

v  1969 July - Apollo MOON LANDING.

v  That summer, he saw what appeared to be a UFO, fly straight overhead, stop, make a 90 degree turn, then fly out of sight, in a moment.

1971-72 Grade 8:

v  1st year in Winslow Jr. Secondary high school (grades 8-10), Vance finally became a straight 'A' student, on the Honor Roll & the fastest long distance runner, in the school, in any distance of 800 meters or more, including Cross Country running.

1972 Grade 9:

v  He won the British Columbia Novice Wrestling Championship, after 1 month of training … 40 students of all grades, 8 matches, 7-8 pins. The wrestling team dismantled, from lack of participants, thus Vance only had a few other wrestling experiences, until grade 11.

1975-76 Grade 12:

v  September 19th, after having lived with both sets of parents, because of his mother’s drinking & a related contentious moment with an older brother,  Vance left home.

v  Won the British Columbia Wrestling Championship, beating the British Columbia Most Valuable Wrestler, under Centennial Sr. Secondary high school wrestling coach, Mr. Bill Mitchell, who played Center for the BC Lion’s professional football team, winning the 1964 Grey Cup & held the record for the longest field goal, in the CFL (Canadian Football League).

1976 July 4th USA’s 200th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, the year Vance graduated from High School - this would not have happened if he did not repeat grade 1. 

1976 Summer Olympics was in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Vance's summer daily schedule was, wake up, watch Olympics, while making & eating breakfast, then weight train, swim & diving, sauna ... evening party-time.

1976-77   1st year, University of British Columbia (UBC):

v  Jr. Canadian Wrestling Champion (19 yrs. & under).

v  UBC Wrestling - Most Valuable Freshman.

v  Canadian Jr. Pan American team, to Quito Ecuador.

1977-78   2nd year, UBC, 1st year Senior Wrestler:

v  Defeated #1 ranked Sr. Canadian Wrestler, possibly headed to the next Olympics, but then ...

v  He was accepted to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

1978-82   Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) – ranked in the top 3 Chiropractic Colleges of the world.

      v  48 academic courses in 4 years, 3 semesters at 3 months each per year, 40+ hours of classes per week for 1st 2 years & 1 semester, then 1 year internship with 20 hours per weak of classes, then Final Exams, then Nation Board Exams, then Graduation.

v  Played fullback, on the CMCC rugby team & was the trainer, all 4 years.

v  Also, played fullback, for the Toronto Lion’s Rugby Club, 'A' team & was the trainer, all 4 years. 

1979, during summer break, at Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver, one day Vance was inspired to look up at the blue sky, and said,

“If you are there (God), if not, I am talking to nothing.”

That December, back at College, in Toronto, he briefly met a man, who talked to him about the book of Revelation – he could not relate at the time.

1980 April 24th, he was studying for exams, a news alert caught his attention, pertaining to operation Eagle Claw, the US Armed Forces operation ordered by US President Jimmy Carter to attempt to end the Iran hostage crisis by rescuing 52 diplomats held captive at the embassy of the United States.

Vance unwittingly immediately had a revelation that the Bible was true, that Armageddon was going to happen, in the Middle East, that there must be a God & that Jesus is the son of God, but he was not sure if Jesus is God. A thought of reading the bible also came to mind.

From that time forth, he believed in the existence of God, recited the salvation prayer a number of times & talked to & about God intermittently.

However, he had not read the bible, not attended church, and was still blindly living a life of moral sin. Further, he did not know if Jesus was God or only the son of God.

He thought he was saved ... but ... was ... NOT !!!


v  Vance did a very successful research project on, Chiropractic Potential in Athletic Therapeutics, treating the runners of the York University, Track & Cross Country teams.

v  1982, graduated as a Dr. of Chiropractics.

v  In a class of 150 students, ranked in the top 5 percentile, on the National Board exams.

1982 November – 1984 January:

v  Practiced with 3 different Chiropractors, learning & perfecting a technique, known by only 12 Chiropractors in Canada.

1984 February – September:

v  Took a break & focused on physical conditioning; weight training, soccer, running, cycling, skiing & nutrition.

v  That summer, became a fitness instructor.

1984 Sept – 1985 June:

v  Started a private Chiropractic practice, mostly treating athletes, primarily soccer players.

v  Became the trainer for Apollo, a Pacific Coast League Soccer team, the PCL being a farm league for the professional North American Soccer League. A bonus, was practicing, training & playing exhibition games with them.

v  Practiced, played & coached on 4 soccer teams he created with friends.

v  Selvaged a Sports Club House & founded Vancouver All-Sports Society, for the soccer teams he was involved with.

v  One of the teams he was coaching & playing on, had an exhibition game with Apollo, the PCL team, he was trainer for. His team won 5-3.   He scored 3 goals & the game made the evening news.

v  Late that June, he was approached to play for the Whitecaps, a PCL farm league soccer team, for the professional NASL, Vancouver Whitecaps.

The Vancouver Whitecaps won the NASL championship, in 1979.


      June 27th, 3 days later … was a bad day … in the last minutes of a game, Vance missed a penalty kick that would have broken a tie game.

      This was a prelude to horrific disaster. After the game, he arrived home, to find that the house he was renting, had been emptied, by a young lady, he had been living with, until a few weeks earlier, when they had a disagreement, which led to a parting of their ways. They agreement that she would receive most of the furniture, but after he had replacement furniture. He did not change the locks, thinking he could trust her. 

      Displeased about the situation, went down to the Clubhouse, had only 1 shot of alcohol, as he did not like the effect of alcohol when resolving problematic issues. He played some darts, then went out dancing with a young lady friend & her friends for the evening.

1985 June 28th

4:30 AM, he arrived back at his empty home. He thought to himself, “I will deal with this in the morning,” went to bed & abruptly fell asleep.

 5:30 AM, just an hour later, the newspaper boy, hit the front door with the newspaper, waking him up.

Once awake he could not go back to sleep, because of the bright sun & state of affairs.

In a state of sleep deprivation, he opened his day timer, mistaking a memo, for a morning appointment. Even if it had been a morning appointment, he could have rescheduled.

Tired ... frankly … “DELUDED” ... unaware of suicidal-demons speaking into his mind.

He foolishly, unwittingly, agreed & determined ... he did not want to deal with putting his life together one more time!

He thought, “Why does the devil have so much control of this world … if I kill myself & God forgives me, I will go to heaven forever – much better than being here … if God does not forgive me, I will go to sleep forever ... & I could use a good sleep ... if I never wake up, I will never know what I am missing."

That seemed acceptable at the moment, because Jehovah Witness false doctrinal influence, had convinced him there was no eternal hell … he would later learn ... HE WAS WRONG !!!

HE JUMPED OF A BRIDGE … 70’ to the ground … breaking his mid upper back, at T6-7. 

He has paid for his stupidity of the moment, as a PARAPLEGIC, all the way to the writing of this article 30+ years ... every day, being a greater challenge, than anything up till that morning. Vance never realized the depth of influence his his parent’s divorce & other negative events had on his mind – he was blind to the spiritual war ... for his sole!

In the hospital, a month later, Vance was given a New Testament by a fellow soccer player. He had not known this guy was a Christian, ‘till then. Subsequent to finishing reading other literature, he was already preoccupied with … about 1 month later … 

Vance slowly & analytically read the complete New Testament, over the next few weeks ...

REALITY declared:    


      could have precisely foretold 300 events pertaining to Jesus’ life,

      400-1500 years prior to His birth ...

     for simple, concise, scientific proof, in 8 pages > RealityCheq.com

Vance considered:

 v What is this SUPER INTELLIGENCE asking? Answer: Primarily, for us to live a moral life style, similar to what 90% of the world population, desires for their children - that is very reasonable.

 v What primary options is this SUPER INTELLIGENCE providing? Answer: Sincerely, desire to live His way, who created a beautiful planet & spend eternally with Him in paradise or live contrary to His way & spend eternity in a nasty place, with the others who thought their way was better, as they collectively destroyed the planet. We have all seen others deceived, while thinking we are not deceived, though we have ALL been deceived.

 v In simplicity, why argue with someone who knows where every electron in the universe is, at any given moment.

If there is anyone, we need to submit to, it is someone of that nature.

  Ψ  If such a magnanimous entity, self-references itself, in the masculine ... as the only, eternal, all powerful, ever present, all knowing:

1.      Holy Spirit, God, Jehovah (SELF EXISTENT ONE), who CREATED ALL THINGS & manifests HIMSELF in a SPIRITUAL place called HEAVEN, on a THROWN, as the …

2.       Holy Father, King of Kings & Lord of Lords & manifests HIMSELF to HIS CREATION, as …

3.       His only begotten Son, Jesus the Christ (the anointed one), who personally appears to & fellowships with, His creation, in heaven & on earth ... 


 SO BE IT !!!

That’s right, not 3 gods trying to be 1, rather ...

1 infinite & eternal Holy Spirit - God manifesting Himself in 3 forms  

            ό  If all He expects of us, is to behave, in a manner i which 90% of humans, desire for their children ...

 I’M IN.

Ψ   God is gracious:  

ό  For those confused … be enlightened

ό  For those mistaken/miss-taught … be corrected

ό  For those avoiding … repent

ό   For those upset, because life isn’t what they think it should be … give yourself a slap … wake-up & reconsider …

      such a God must have reasoning, far beyond us.


Think about it, the trials in life, test our personality … it is not all about, getting what we want.

We are being prepared for some greater purpose in eternity – if we are willing to cooperate.

How to start or restart >  Get It Right - Keep It Right

Perhaps, more answers for more questions:

IF GOD - Why Do Bad Things Happen ?

CREATION versus EVOLUTION - Evolution or Adaptation ?



1985 October 8th, at age 27, after reading the New Testament …


The TRUTH finally woke Vance up,

He gave his life to Jesus

And received Jesus as his LORD & SAVIOUR.

Vance was SAVED from his old life of deceptions ... finally understanding why life wasn't always as it appeared ... positive appearing negative ... negative appearing positive. He realized he had been totally oblivious to the fact that he was on a highway, at full speed, going to ... hell !!!

If the grace of God would not have saved him, the morning he jumped from the bridge ... he would have been in hell in a moment of time ... FOREVER !!!


Vance was BORN-AGAIN by receiving the Holy Spirit,

To live eternally with & for Jesus …

Not for himself & not for others,

Rather to serve Jesus,

By serving others for Jesus.


Vance thought,

The best life for me,

Made for me & me for it!


 If you finally got it & would like more of it ...  

Get It Right - Keep It Right

Vance's early thoughts, … 

1.     "Without God, the best I ever was, was a genius of an idiot."

2.    "If as a young child, I would have been exposed to, & applied, this TRUTH, my life-experience, would have been much more productive."

3.    "I am 27; I can dedicate the next 3 years until I am 30; reading, studying & applying the Bible to my life or bang my head against the wall, learning it the hard way, for the next 10-20 years."

ό  NOT A DIFFICULT DECISION – thus studied 8 hours per day for 3 years … "wow, what an experience, what insite, what knowledge, understanding & wisdom … truly, better than gold, silver, diamonds & rubies … life is still tough … but it is nice to know there is an intelligent reason, even if I cannot comprehend it at times … some things do not always change easily … I am still an idiot, at times."

1.  In the 1st month, while Vance was primarily focused on personal change, the          Lord Jesus impressed very clearly in his mind, 

      “I am going to use your educational abilities to teach you to teach others.”   

2.  The 1st month, he read the New Testament another 2-3x’s & the book of Acts an additional 4x’s.

3.     The 2nd month, read the complete Old Testament.

4.     The 1st 3 months, he read the bible 8-16 hours a day.

5.     The next 3 years, he studied the bible, an average of ~8 hours per day, for ~3 years.

6.  He acquired his own, Old Testament Hebrew & New Testament Greek Reference Library, for original language, word studies.

7.   In spite of his education, he never read any other book entirely through, more than once, except the Bible (numerous times), because it is not only fascinating, but the only book we can read all day, every day, for the rest of our lives & never stop learning ... because ... 

 It is supernaturally authored & inspired.


1985, early-mid December, 5 1/2 months after breaking my back, a couple months after reading the New Testament, awakening him to the true nature of God, coming to an understanding of the temporal world & a realization of an impending eternity of extremely positive or negative consequences … his need of forgiveness …

Given to him, per his request, by none other than Jesus The Christ, himself ...

he was in the G. F. Strong Rehabilitation Center cafeteria for supper. After contemplation, he asked the Lord, why it had taken something as drastic as a broken back, for him to get saved, when he did not recollect resisting Christianity, rather not comprehending. He felt impressed to look up & around at the others, who were in similar tragic circumstances as myself. In his mind was a clear, "Be thankful you’re getting it, most of the others, still aren’t getting it.  PRAISE JESUS!

1985 mid-December, Vance was given a book, written about the time he was born. He knew in his spirit & shared with the gentleman, who gave the book to me, "This book is of God, but for me to read, at a later date" ... March 1986.


Mid December, God was preparing Vance for a change from a Modern English Bible version, that he was more comfortable reading, to a King James Middle English version, that was more accurate ...  


... January 1st, New Years Day, Vance was given a leather King James  Bible with center column references.

His Middle-English (Shakespearean) comprehension, was not so good. He figured he should get a bible dictionary. Off to the Christian Bible Store.

A patron of the store felt led to ask him, "You mind if I ask what you are looking for?" Vance responded, "Bible Dictionary." Patron, "Why?" Vance, "To look up words in my Bible." Patron, "Actually, bible dictionaries are really bible Encyclopedias. You really need a Strong's Concordance, so you can define the English words in the context of the original language words, translated from."

2nd, he suggested Vance buy a Naves Topical Bible, to look up scriptural references to Bible Topics, for a wider perspective.

3rd, he suggested getting a Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, to look up words back as far as literally known - King James English needs to be defined in Middle English context, not modern English.

Many so-called biblical scholars, have MANY TIMES defined King James English according to modern English definitions, to then accuse the King James of being translated wrong. They are incompetent or blatantly fraudulent. 

The Lord Jesus, had Vance build his own concise Hebrew (Old Testament) & Greek (New Testament) library over the next year or so.

Thus the Lord Jesus, showed Vance what English version bible was most accurate & which Old & New Testament manuscripts were correct, plus the related resource literature - for the basics, go to ...




Late January, Vance was baptized in the G. F. Strong Rehabilitation Center swimming pool. The next day was a record breaking rain, hard & continuous all day.  About 4:00 pm, he was in the cafeteria talking to a brother having struggles in his Christian walk. A middle aged German man exiting the cafeteria said, something incoherent in Vance's direction. Vance replied, "Excuse me." The man said, “You have connections,” as he pointing up, inferring heaven, as he continued, "Have Him," inferring God, "Shut off the water." Feeling the presence & inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Vance quipped back, "What time do you want the rain to stop?" Surprised at the response, the man asked, "What?" Vance repeated, "What time do you want the rain to stop?" The man looked at his watch, "5:30." Vance responded, "Look outside at 5:30." It stopped raining at 5:30. About 9:00 pm, Vance entered the cafeteria to get a cup of hot chocolate. The German fellow, sitting with a bunch of guys, looking up at Vance, said, “YOU CERTAINLY DO HAVE CONNECTIONS!”   Praise Jesus! 

Vance was discharged from rehabilitation about February 20th to the Lion's Paraplegic Lodge, a transition residential complex, for disabled persons.


1986 March – God called Vance to a few day fast. The next morning, the 1st day of the fast, he happened to be starting the book of Revelation. After he prayed, the letters became 3D, illuminated & elevated off the page. Out of his mouth came, 'Lord, over the next few days you are going to open up the book of Revelation to me.' During those days, God revealed to him, the chronology (NOT specific dates, rather the sequential order of events) of the book of Revelation. He also understood that, the information revealed would become more relevant in later years.

The 2nd day of the fast, he woke up at 7:45 am, with, "Get the book," clearly in his mind, referring to the book, given to him, 3 months earlier, mid December 1985, which he had stored in a box. He retrieved it from the box he put it in. He was starting Revelation chapter 6 that morning, which involved the Chronology the book was based on - happenstance, unlikely.

The book revealed the chronology (not dates) of end times events. Contemporary world events appeared relevant ... however, much more so, after the 2001, 911 event, in New York City.

From 9-11, 2001 onward, the relevance has been growing exponentially. 911 was contrived, to bring forth the 'PATRIOT ACT' to expedite diminishing the civil rights of Americans, contrary to the Founding Fathers' warning that, 'relinquishing  your rights & freedom for protection, will leave you with NO rights, NO freedom & NO protection ... it appears contemporary Americans did not listen & have & are loosing their rights, freedoms & protections. However, there has been an undercurrent of awakening, becoming effectual as of ~2015 ... coordinated with the TRUMP, "Make America Great Again," 2016 election campaign, 2016 election victory & Trump Presidential Administration agenda ... how much, how long?

April 2005, 20 years after given the book, Vance was given a dream, from heaven, instructing him to put the END TIMES CHRONOLOGY into print, in the article, WHAT NEXT ???


One night, Vance was extremely tired & just getting in bed. He heard a neighbor young woman scream. He said, "Lord, I am tired … but if she screams again, I’ll get up." She screamed louder. He got up & went next door. While we were talking, she collapsed on the floor & shortly thereafter, he found himself talking to 13 demons. Being led by the Holy Spirit, he realized, in the name of Jesus Christ, he has authority over demons. he interrogated each demon, to find out how they gained influence in her life, which inevitably  was found to be through her acquaintances, thoughts & actions.

The word “interrogate,” as one does not want to slip into socializing with demons. Further, do NOT seek information, other than directly related to the issue at hand. Demons know much more than us humans, tangents can create destructive demonic connections, enabling continued demonic influence.

Do not go there … any truth given, outside the immediate situation being dealt with, will be tainted … further involvement can lead to deception & potentially strong demonic influences (obsessions), referred to as “demonic possession.”

Seeking information from such “FAMILIAR SPIRITS,” is the art of SORCERY.

Demons never own us or have absolute control of our will. They influence us in ways that appear irresistible, according to our personal world view perspective.

This is why there is now a Great Divide between a Biblical or Secular based education.

Secular teaching added to a Biblical foundation, guided Western Culture to grand achievements. Secular teaching contradicting the Biblical foundation is now destroying what was achieved.

Then in the name (authority) of Jesus Christ, Vance demanded to speak to the young woman. She regained consciousness, he informed her about what was happening & she confirmed what the demons had told him, & more. He advised her to repent of the negative past involvements & ask God through Jesus for forgiveness. She complied. He requested authority to speak to the demons again. She slipped back into unconsciousness & the demons manifested again. He informed them of what they already knew; that she had repented & asked Jesus for forgiveness & thus they must go. The demons left, she regained consciousness & her persona & appearance changed, from what used to give Vance, what his generation called, the HEEBIE-JEEBIES … into a wonderful person. She stopped associating with negative demonic influences & started connecting with Jesus affiliations. She was a new person. When she now prayed, it convicted Vance.   PRAISE JESUS!

God actually spoke through her & directed Vance to attend Hope Reformed Church, in Vancouver, BC Canada; the church that he still stays in touch with, to this day, no matter where he is, in his travels.   PRAISE JESUS!

Over time, she started associating with some of her old acquaintances … eventually, drifting away from Christ Jesus. She became black again, drifting away from Christian fellowship, activities & ultimately despising Vance.

Eventually she hit bottom again. Tormented by demons, she came over to Vance's place & pleaded for help. She again collapsed, this time in his kitchen. In the name of Jesus, Vance again commanded the demons to be in obedience.

During this intervention one demon accused him of some small infraction in his past. He was inclined to refute, who is a demon to accuse anyone? However, he caught himself, then looked up to heaven & said, "Sorry Lord Jesus," concerning the accusation. He looked down & the demon had nothing more to say. 

Another demon spoke in Shakespearean English, which made Vance smile.

After dealing with one demon, a demon of jealousy piped up, "How come you spoke to him so long." Vance replied, "I'm sorry." The demon responded, "No you're not." What could Vance do but LAUGH.  </:-)

She repented & asked Jesus for forgiveness again, ultimately being delivered.  


The cycle was repeated several times. Vance became so sensitive to demonic activity; he had to refrain from perceiving demonic activity in many people & behind any tree. If demonic forces cannot blind you to their activity, they will try to make you hypersensitive & distract you - a balance of sensitivity, without getting consumed, is required, to avoid distraction or worse, too much interaction, exposing one to deception, unwittingly.

On another occasion, Vance was almost duped into believing God was speaking through her, again. The spiritual presence did not quite seem right. Because he was not sure, he was uncomfortable because he did not want to call a demon God, or on the flip side, call God a demon. So he redirected the conversation, so he could naturally ask an incognito question, where he knew only God would know the answer (about what Vance was thinking). The initial response to Vance's question was an inappropriate silence, at which point he said, “Gotcha.” The demon fled. This was a very valuable lesson, in testing the spirit(s), in questionable situations.   PRAISE JESUS!

After several cycles, she came to Vance, yet one more time for deliverance, but the Holy Spirit had him tell her, “You know what you need to do, it is up to you. I am not your God.”   PRAISE JESUS!  

Just before Halloween, a friend in Christ & Vance, were directed to go to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to pray for & over the city. They were led to a cemetery, where many occultists were known to gather on Halloween & do rituals. Vance & friend prayed, in the name of Jesus, that their assembling would be a failure. A following newspaper article stated that, due to the appearance of photographers at the cemetery that Halloween, the occultists vacated their rituals.   PRAISE JESUS!

Vance was going to bed one evening. His stomach was hurting. He started to pray for his stomach. He had a revelation that it was not his problem, rather someone else's. He asked the Lord, "Who?" He was given the name of a brother, from church. I phoned him & sure enough it was him. Vance prayed & commanded healing in Jesus' name & he was healed.  


Vance was asked to do a bible study for the 1st time. After praying He was led to do a study on the Prodigal son, Luke 15: 11-32. He had prepared the message in depth & was fully organized. At the bible study God redirected him not to use any of the information prepared. In fact, it was not until years later, that God had him present that study, in a different group, spontaneously. This was a lesson on being organized & prepared, but not to the point, that God does not have moment by moment control.  PRAISE JESUS!

Vance prayed & commanded healing in the name of Jesus, for a friend's 70ish year old mother, who was walking with a cane, due to an injured hip, from a car accident, 10 years previous - she had been thrown through the car front window. After prayer, she put down the cane & RAN around a little garden 3 times.   PRAISE JESUS!  


Vance was leaving an early Morning Prayer session, headed up the street, for a meeting with Walter, a friend. It was pouring down rain. He was going to be soaked before he got half way up the street. He prayed for the rain to stop. It did not. So going to be late, he started on his way. Amazingly, it was raining all around him, but not on him, as if there was an invisible umbrella over him. He got to the destination, totally dry.   PRAISE JESUS!

At an early Morning Prayer session, a Pastor's wife was ill. he prayed & commanded in the name of Jesus Christ, for her to be healed & she was instantly healed.   PRAISE JESUS!

June 1st, Vance started an indefinite fast. About a week later he found out his uncle Keith, was in the hospital, dying of Multiple Myeloma, a bone cancer ... confined to bed, with a broken right upper arm (humorous), from the cancer, thus his arm in a sling, not a cast, because it would not heal – the bone was decaying. After 47 days of fasting, praying & commanding in the name of Jesus, for his uncle's healing, he broke the fast. About 2 weeks later he fasted for another 2 weeks. The last day, he had a dream of his uncle, sitting in a wheelchair, with a cross on his right upper arm. About 2 days later, he visited his uncle … he was healed & out of bed, in a wheelchair recovering. He shook Vance's hand, with the previously broken arm. The cancer & rotten bone was healed.   PRAISE JESUS!

During the 1st phase of the fast, a gentleman who was a participant of the early Morning Prayer group, while running, had a vision, that Vance was before an audience; he waved his hand in front of them & many of them fell. While this has not happened as of yet, shortly after the above fasting, Vance was at a Friday night gathering & when he turned around & looked at a young man, that man was forced back by the Spirit of God, which was emanating through Vance. The man said he just about fell from the force.

At that time, when Vance would enter his residence, he would feel the presence of God.

For weeks afterward he did not need more than 2-4 hours sleep per 24 hours.

1987 summer dream/vision – an angel at ceiling level, above & beside Vance's bed, was pointing down at him, in his bed, telling someone, that Vance was "anointed & appointed" ... for a specific purpose. He woke up feeling the intense warmth of God’s presence.

At an evening independent group gathering, Vance prayed & commanded healing in the name of Jesus, for James, a friend, who had 70% hearing loss, in one ear, from an elbow to that ear, while playing hockey, 17 years previous. Those present saw a flash of light leave Vance's finger & enter the ear. James' ear was completely healed. His healed ear, now has better healing than normal ear.   PRAISE JESUS!


About this time (1988), Vance had 2 dreams, of which he is not sure of the sequence:

  • Dream - Vance was on a pleasant Hillside. Because of a wrong decision, likely involving a wrong attitude, he started walking down into a bay area, which was under a grey cloud (negative spiritual environment). Having realized my mistake, I turned around & started walking back up the hill, which was obviously more difficult, than walking down, but doable. The longer he would have walked down the hill, the more difficult & longer the walk back up the hill would have been.

  • Dream - Vance was in a bike race. I got off his bike, moved to the side of the road & started adjusting his seat. At the end of the race, I was in a room where the race results, were posted on the wall ... he had placed 3rd in his generational age group.

James, Vance's friend, whose ear the Lord Jesus healed, had the cornea of his eye damaged, from a piece of wire, at work, on a construction site. The emergency ward Doctor said, he may lose vision in that eye. He was sent home with a patch on the eye. James was requested to return to the emergency ward, the next day, to see a specialist. Vance prayed & commanded in the name of Jesus, for Jame's eye to be healed. The next morning, he accompanied James to the appointment. The damaged eye tissue was healed, right as the doctor was inspecting it. He stepped back & said, 'I think I just saw a miracle. But I do not believe in miracles." When Vance's friend came back into the waiting room, without the patch on his eye, totally healed, the other patients were in awe, to the point, you could have heard a pin drop. At 1st having thought James & Vance were Christian freaks, they now were willing to hear the Gospel, plus asked advice on Bible reading.   PRAISE JESUS!   

1988 – Some Christian brothers nicknamed Vance, "Pit-Bull for Jesus” because of his ability to captivate persons, when sharing the gospel. He had no dogs at the time. A decade later, this became quaintly prophetic, when he had a team of Pit-Bulls that pulled his chair 25-30 miles per hour, on flat pavement.  J  –  see 1999 VTV News.



 1989 ~May dream – Vance was driving a big car, slowly in Vancouver, BC Canada (where he was residing), to a soccer game ... that he watched.



1990 January – Vance was given the big car, shown me in the 1989 May dream, with hand controls.

1990 May dream – about having an exam in 28 days. Vance felt led to fast, but did not have the heart for it.

June 5th, he took & passed a driving test with hand controls. The next morning …

June 6th dream – Jesus was standing between 2 women, pointing at Vance, saying that Vance did not love him. He woke up convicted about his reluctance to fast. He started fasting that moment – water only.

While fasting, he was praying on the phone, for a woman's back. He saw a vision of a demon on her back. In the name of Jesus, he commanded the demon to leave, and then commanded healing. The person was healed at that moment.   PRAISE JESUS! 

Towards the end of the month a white odorless smoke appeared in Vance's apartment. He searched everywhere, looking for the source. Then he heard “My sheep hear my voice.” He felt foolish; as he came to the realization, it was the Glory Cloud of the Lord – as in Solomon’s Temple, 1 Kings 8: 11. This happened to prepare Vance for what would occur July 4th.     

July 1st (Dominion Day – Canada), Vance felt led to start drinking juice for 3 days, without sleeping – not that difficult because of the intense energy supplied by the juice, after 25 days of water. He drove the big car, shown to him in the 1989 May dream, given to him 1990 January (above), to pick up a friend, and then go to Church. He stopped in to visit 1st. They happened to watch a World Cup soccer game live on TV - later, Vance realized this was the soccer game, he drove to in the big car, in the 1989 May dream (above).

Towards the end of the fast, Vance went to the store to get some food, for the end of the fast. When he re-entered the property of the apartment complex, he felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, very powerfully. 

June 6th dream (started fast) 28 days (before the exam in the May dream), brought him to ...

July 4th (American Independence Day) – about 3 AM, Vance was going to have solid food for the 1st time after 28 days. As Vance's friend James, prepared them a couple of vegetable sandwiches, Vance saw 5 visions, in his living room, the size of 5 large TV screens. James could not see them. Vance asked God to open James' eyes as Elisha asked God to open his servant’s eyes, in 2 Kings 6:17. God opened James' eyes & he saw the 5 visions as well. They ate their sandwiches, while they viewed the 5 visions, as if at a theater:

1.   In the 1st screen, Vance's Pastor, John Opmeer & his wife Michelle of Hope Reformed church, Vancouver, BC, Canada, were sitting on a couch, as persons (their children) walked back & forth, through their living room with luggage, previewing that over the next few years, 2 sons & 1 daughter would get married & move out of the family house. Further, the 2 sons & their wives moved out of province, to Alberta, to pastor churches; a 3rd son, remained single, but also moved to Alberta, to pastor a church, eventually returning to become the pastor of the home church, when the father retired. One daughter had already been married years before all of this.

2.   In another screen, God showed Vance, the daughter who got married above, was having some conduct issues, troublesome especially to her mom. I was shown things would eventually improve & she would make up with her mother and then get married, all of which happened, including the marriage.

3.   In another screen, Vance was shown specific people crossing his winding path ... past, present & future – which had, was & would happen ... particular persons & circumstances coming to my attention, as the years continue. Some examples at that time:

  • James who watched these visions with Vance - they were both at a graduation party in, Coquitlam, June 1976 the year Vance graduated, they did not communicate &  James had a gun. Another guy at the party picked a fight with Vance. He was winning, but had to flee, as the instigator's friends were going to gang up on Vance.
  • Another Christian friend of James & myself, Paul, escaped Czechoslovakia, in the 60's as the Russians were taking over the country. He lived in a house on Vance's Paper Route, in Coquitlam, when Vance was a youth - they never communicated. A few years before Vance broke his back & got saved, Paul lived in a house across the street from an apartment that a girlfriend & vance lived in. They had 1 brief encounter that almost lead into an altercation. Other than that they never communicated.
  • James, Paul & myself met & became friends, shortly before Vance's father passed away, November 1987.
  • These are just a few examples of many.

4.   In another screen, Vance saw himself down at English Bay Beach, Vancouver witnessing. While elements of the dream were relevant, he never seemed to understand the FULL relevance. Many years later, he realized that the dream, partially & particularly referenced a young man, Dave, who he met at English Bay Beach, who he inevitably interacted with, on & off, for a decade. Dave even eventually lived in some ministry homes that Vance would start, in the Lord, in Vancouver, shortly here after.

5.   In the middle screen, Vance saw a young man, with glasses & goatee. He leaned forward protruding out of the screen, turning into a 3D image, and then froze. 4 ½ months later, a young man with glasses & a beard became 1 of the 1st occupants at the 1st ministry house, the Lord would have Vance start. A month later, the guy shaved off his beard leaving a goatee – after which, Vance recognized him as the man in the vision

v All 5 visions were pertinent & actualized # 5 being exceptional.

Vance's friend James, had left at ~4 AM. At ~4:30 AM, Vance felt led to leave the visions & have a shower.

After the shower, the WHITE GLORY CLOUD OF THE LORD (above, in June) appeared to Vance again, but much more dense & expansive. This time Vance was audibly asked, “You are still in the chair, will you do it?” The context was in regards that Vance knew he was called to ministry the month he was born again, in October 1985, 5 years previous. Since then, ministry had always been in his heart. However, he never wanted the official responsibility of formal ministry, as a paraplegic, in a wheelchair. He replied, “Yes LORD.” The LORD told him, “Feed my sheep.” Afterward, as Vance lay on his bed, he felt waves of the HOLY SPIRIT, flowing through his body for about 20-40 minutes.

The entire experience was ~ 3 hours, from ~ 3–6 AM on July 4th, American Independence Day, 1990.

Looking back:

Ψ  The 1st evening of Vance not sleeping was the eve of Canada Day, July 1st - Vance would do Street-House Ministry in Vancouver, Canada for the 1st 10 years - helping the homeless, persons with addictions & other needs.


Ψ  The morning the Lord appeared to Vance, was American Independence Day, July 4th - The Lord would send Vance to the USA, January 2001, to be there when 911 would happen, then spend most of the next 10 years in the USA.


v The 1990 May dream, about ‘28 days until the test’ related to 28 total days of fasting (preparing for the exam) ... God appearing to Vance calling me to ministry (the test).

That morning, Vance felt led to phone everyone in his address book & invite whoever was available to come to a BBQ at his place that evening. 25-30 friends attended. At the end of the evening, he informed his guests that the Lord had called him to ministry & that he would start by having fellowship dinners every Thursday evening.

A few months later, Vance started a number of Christian Ministry houses to serve people; men & women who wanted to know & grow in Jesus, needed & wanted a safe place to stay&/or live, needed &/or wanted help with substance abuse, needed &/or wanted help in any way Vance & other Christians could help. Vance, COULD NEVER SEE JESUS ANSWERING THE DOOR & SAY, “SORRY WE DO NOT TAKE IN WOMEN OR MEN … OR ... WE ONLY HELP ADDICTS … OR OTHER LIMITATIONS ... ETC.”

This grew into Bread of Life Ministries, 1243 Broadway, Vancouver, BC, Canada:

  • The only stipulation was cooperating with rules, so basic, that anything less, would threaten the Christian environment.

  • $ was never a requirement.

  • In the 1st 8 months, they started 5 houses - 3 central houses at a major intersection, Broadway & Clark, in Vancouver, BC, Canada & 2 other local houses. Later the 2 local houses were dropped & 3 apartments were rented beside the 3 houses on Broadway.

  • A Food Bank was started & maintained.

  • The 1st year’s budget was $111,000, with only $5,000 donated. There was a $6,000 surplus at the end of the year.

  • We eventually had our own Moving Truck & Business, BORN AGAIN MOVERS – “God moved us! We'll move you!”

  • An OUTREACH with an apartment in New Westminster, 10 miles away was added.

  • A BIBLE CAMP, on 70 acres, near Cultus lake, Chilliwack, BC was an addition.

1990, Vance's Christian Apologetics gelled, pertaining to an ability to scientifically prove God as a fact & that HE authored the scriptures.

From 1990 – 2000, Vance shared this information with hundreds, if not thousands of people.

  • On average in 30-60 minutes, 7-9 out of 10 people, believed Jesus must be God, even if they were atheists, when the conversation commenced. 

  • 'It must be truewas often their reflexive response, without prompting – followed by, "I'm not sure, I'm ready to deal with it."

Vance's response, “You don’t need meyou can talk to God yourself, anywhere. I hope you do not wait too long,” making it clear, that he wanted nothing from them.

Vance did a group Bible Study, on healing, that was taped & transcribed. One day he got a Urinary Tract Infection. He fell asleep listening to the tape & then woke up, shortly thereafter, totally healed.   PRAISE JESUS!

During the 10 years of THE LORD's Vancouver, BC, Canada ministry houses, numerous drug/alcohol addicted persons came to JESUS' houses, fell asleep on a couch, cushions on the floor or a bed, then woke up healed & delivered from those addictions, with no withdrawal symptoms.   PRAISE JESUS!


At a Bible Study Vance prayed for a hardened Jehovah’s Witness (occult) believer, who he was helping with regards to his substance abuse (addiction) issues. Jehovah’s Witnesses do not believe Jesus is God. As Vance prayed, he fell on his butt, lifting his hands, proclaiming “Jesus is God.”   PRAISE JESUS! 

At another Bible Study, Vance prayed for an overweight woman, who was having a continence problem.  She fell on her butt & was instantly healed of her incontinency. Several years later they reconnected & she had lost most, if not all, of the excessive weight.   PRAISE JESUS!

One evening, at a Christian birthday celebration, in a Christian restaurant, Vance prayed for a young Christian sister, who had been blind since infancy. She was sensitive to light, but saw no images. He prayed & commanded her healing, in the name of Jesus & she started seeing images, though blurred. Different objects were put on the table & she was asked to pick up the objects as stated. She consistently got it right. When after washing her hands in the bathroom, she grabbed a paper towel, without groping to locate it, she was astounded with the reality of her healing.   PRAISE JESUS!

Early, summer, after a 35 day water fast, Vance prayed & commanded in the name of Jesus, for a young lady in a wheelchair, with partial paralysis, from an auto accident. She was having a lot of pain. She could stand, with a back brace, but could not move her toes & walking was minimal, with support. After Vance prayed, she wiggled her toes, stood up, took off the back brace & could walk.   PRAISE JESUS!

One evening, shortly thereafter, he prayed for a young man on the front lawn of the main ministry house & he collapsed onto the ground. Then in the house he prayed for another person who collapsed in the main hall.   PRAISE JESUS!

That autumn, Vance was praying for a Christian sister's brother's sprained ankle. Vance could sense her unbelief, so I tactfully asked her to leave the room; after which her brother was healed.   PRAISE JESUS!

Later that same fall, he was praying for a person’s healing, during a bible study. he sensed significant disbelief by persons in the room, so he privately prayed for him in the kitchen; during which time he was healed.   PRAISE JESUS!


That spring, at one of the ministry houses, Vance prayed & commanded healing in Jesus' name, for a man with a serious 10+ years of cocaine & heroin addiction. He was lightly touching him; when he fell straight back, like a tree, the back of his head, hitting the carpet. He was unconscious, for about 20 minutes; waking up addiction free with no withdrawals.   PRAISE JESUS!

That spring Vance was going on what would end up, a 2 month fasting & prayer sabbatical. He had appointed a young man, to take the helm, during this time. Another young man said he would move out if Vance left that man in charge. He could not give Vance substantial rational, so Vance let him move out. At home, Vance heard a soft voice, from behind his right ear, “Remove that young man from leadership or else.” Vance doubted the source, as he could not come up with any rational. "HOW FOOLISH COULD I HAVE BEEN!" was Vance's later thoughts. During Vance's leave, the young man & one of the main ministry drivers got into a minor accident, with a ministry van, insured in Vance's name. Vance's temporary replacement, got them kicked out of the best ministry house. 28 occupants, reduced to 10. A few thousand dollar surplus became a debt the accounting was a mess.

Vance got the reasoning, on how the young man should have been removed from leadership, the hard way.   PRAISE JESUS!

That summer Vance's new 2nd in command, a Mexican gentleman, introduced him to a very large Native gentleman, who was drunk with a seriously damaged shoulder. This was an old injury & he could not lift his arm above his shoulder. Vance prayed & commanded deliverance & healing for him, in Jesus' name. He was instantly sober & his arm was healed. They took the man in, off the street. He was a nice cooperative individual. He did very well for a couple months. Vance was talking to him one evening, on the front lawn. Something did not feel right. Eventually, Vance found out he was on psychotropic pills. Rather than cooperate with the situation, the guy chose to leave. He was so rudely contentious, Vance felt led to point in his face & inform him, "God will deal with you." A few weeks later, the man returned one evening & tells Vance that for the next couple of weeks, he kept hearing Vance's voice reiterate, "God will deal with you." He finally apologized to Jesus & got his life right; he was even witnessing to others about Jesus. He said, God had told him, he needed to apologize to Vance & that was the reason for his visit. Vance accepted his apology, having forgiven him, when the incident had happened. Vance asked him if he was staying anywhere. He said no. Vance asked him if he would like to stay. He was reluctant, but decided to stay the night. The next morning Vance & the guy's friends tried to convince him to stay. He even told Vance that, when he thought of staying, he felt safe, & when he thought of leaving, he felt in jeopardy. However, he eventually left. The next day he was stabbed in the back with a knife & died. The following day’s Newspaper stated, ‘The bully of Hastings Street, killed by stabbing.’ The media was not aware of Jesus transforming his life.  


In the spring time, on what was becoming, an annual time of taking a Fasting Sabbatical, Vance was doing the ministry annual accounting. The Bread of Life bank account books & the ministry accounting records were almost identical, yet the bank accounts showed an excess of $10,000.00. After thorough evaluation, there was no earthly explanation.   PRAISE JESUS!

During his fasting, some issues were arising, pertaining to neighborhood youth. One evening, one of the ministry leaders picked Vance up at my apartment & drove him to the main ministry house. He spoke to a number of the youth inside the van. The time was very productive, but went very late. Vance was then driven back to his appartment. He was exhausted, collapsing into bed. In a semi vision/dream state, he saw a middle aged Christian (retired pilot), who I really respected, say to him, something like 'You have the Faith of Abraham.' We need to receive encouragement, but not let it go to our head.   PRAISE JESUS!


Vance was in a cafeteria, in San Antonio, Texas. He met a man walking with a cane. He prayed & commanded healing for the man, in Jesus' name. The man put down the cane & ran around the cafeteria.   PRAISE JESUS!

Friday evening, September 2nd 1994, while talking to a police officer, he noticed the man continually turner his shoulders when he turned his head, indicating a neck problem. Vance asked him if he had a problem with his neck. He told Vance, he was in an auto accident, a year previous, which injured his neck. Vance asked him if he could pray for him. He said yes. Vance prayed & commanded healing in the name of Jesus, for his neck & it was immediately healed.   PRAISE JESUS!

1994, September 19th dream – in San Antonio, Texas. Vance saw himself, in the Vancouver ministry kitchen, saying goodbye to a former house leader, and then relocating to the Fraser Valley. He would later go to Southern California.

Fulfilled in 2000, September 19th _ 21st   & 2001 January 14th. (below).

10 years to the day follows, another significant dream, 2004 September 19th.


1995, ~ April dream – in Santa Ana, California. Vance saw a man ... due north of Santa Ana, high in the mountains, come & meet him in Santa Ana.

They travelled south through San Diego ... into Tijuana, then further south, down the coast of Baja, Mexico.

During that spring of 1995, in Santa Ana, California, Vance did a significant amount of fasting. He had numerous prophetic dreams, 1 of which was a dream revealing that the daughter of Pastor John Opmeer & his wife, Michelle, in the July 4th - vision 1, was getting married, per the July 4th - vision 2. 

That morning Vance phoned the Opmeers in Vancouver … she was getting married that day.

While still in Santa Ana, California, during May, Vance saw a girl limping. He asked her what was wrong with her leg. She said she had sprained her ankle. He asked her if he could pray for her.  She accepted. She was healed.   PRAISE JESUS!

One May morning, Vance was reading the Bible Old Testament book of Exedus, where Moses came down from the mount, after fasting in the presence of God, 40 days. He new it was time to return home.

May 31st, Vance flew from Southern California, back to the Bread of Life Ministry houses in Vancouver, BC Canada – ending a 10 month leave of absence. While he was in Santa Ana fasting, he had had a dream wherein he drank some apple juice beside an old style bath tub with legs. When he drank the apple juice, a lamp went out.

When his friend Earl, picked him up at the airport in Vancouver, he gave Vance an apple juice. Vance drank it, realizing days later that the dreams stopped. The lamp going out symbolized, that era of dreams ending, when Vance drank the apple juice.

In my 10 month absence, things had gotten out of control & the demons had infested the properties. It took 6 months to get things stable & about a year before real progress began.

For the next 5 years, Vance was ministering 16-20 hours per day, 7 days per week. He got little breaks, when God would lead him into little oases, for a few hours, here & there, in a park or coffee shop, etc. He also got occasional breaks, when he ended up in the hospital, due to urinary tract infections, which occasionally got out of control – most times, he was healed without medical intervention.   PRAISE JESUS!

Within the 1st week or so, this Big Native guy came in to the main ministry house, at the end of a morning Bible Study. His attitude being contentious, Vance nicely but firmly suggested he change his demeanor. His response was to get increasingly aggressive, until it was obvious that he was trying to threaten vance. vance's typical response to such attempts at intimidation (several times) is, “Do me a favor. Look at me. I’d rather be in heaven than here, especially like this. However, far be it, for me to encourage you, as that would make me an accomplice. I advise you to not attack me. Yet, I advise that if you start, you better finish. Because if I am still alive, I will have you put in jail. If you kill me, you will still have to deal with God, with or without the authorities.” The guy thought about it, then in rage … turned & left – the typical response. A month or so later they had a repeat of the issue.

They danced numerous times over the next 5 years. Yet, Vance, per the love of Jesus, took him in, off the street, a few times. One time, around 1999, he came at Vance with a knife, slashing Vance's dog Rachel, in the side of the neck, for protecting Vance. She was OK; he just missed the Juggler blood vessel. Vance stitched her up, with a suture kit, his wonderful doctor gave him. Months later, he wanted to come back. Vance's condition was that he apologize to the dog, in front of everyone. He did.

Towards 2010, when Vance was in Reno, NV, he got a phone call from him. He talked to Vance about some extreme stuff - his son was going through. The key element is that he appeared to have been doing well, for about 10 years. Previously, he had been in jail numerous times. In 2016, Vance came back to Vancouver, from Mexico, renew his drivers licence. They spent about 30 hours fellowshipping together, in the presence of Jesus, at the guy's house in Surrey.   PRAISE JESUS !!!

That 1995 summer, one of our ministry cars got stolen. A couple weeks later, Vance felt led to have an evening impromptu bible study. Towards the end, the phone rang. It was the police. The car was abandoned (undamaged), in the middle of an intersection (out of gas), a few blocks away. Vance sent a new leader, to get it. The guy felt so blessed, as he felt God was giving him an opportunity to redeem himself, from some similar past event, he had been involved in, however, on the wrong side of the equation at that time.   

About the end of summer, a Native man staying with us with his wife came home, intoxicated, big time. On the front porch, Vance politely told him he could not come in. He dragged VAnce out of his chair & threw me down the front stairs. The next day, when he came back sober & apologized Vance let him back in. Sometime after that Vance was in the kitchen dealing with him on some issue. His attitude was inappropriate. He was sitting in a chair. God decided to humble him, by causing him to urinate, while sitting there, in front of his wife & Vance. He could not stop until his bladder was completely voided. There was a huge urine puddle in the middle of the floor. He got the message & humbled himself. PRAISE JESUS!

One morning, Vance was doing a Bible study, on persecution. Towards the end … a rock came through the front window. LOL.    PRAISE JESUS !!!

In mid-October, for about 2 weeks, the Holy Spirit would come upon Vance, in the morning Bible Study, causing him to be really be tough on the group. He could sense that it was for good cause, but he was uncomfortable. He would pray that God would allow him to be gentler. Waking up & early into the session, all might seem OK, and then WHAM … he would blast them! Whatever the Spirit was doing in whoevers' hearts came to an end ... as it finally came to a close.  

Vance took an old lady in, off the street, one Friday night. At the next morning’s Bible Study, he asked her if she had a passage of scripture, she would like us to cover. She suggested a passage on “The Last Supper.” Accordingly, they studied John chapter 13. While reading ...

John 13:21  When Jesus had thus said, he was troubled in spirit, and testified, and said, Verily, verily, I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me.

:25   …  Lord, who is it?   …

:26  Jesus answered, He it is, to whom I shall give a sop, when I have dipped it. And when he had dipped the sop, he gave it to Judas Iscariotthe son of Simon.   …

:30  He (Judas) then having received the sop went immediately out: and it was night.   ... 

                Judas went out & betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver … as prophesied by Zechariah & Jeremiah ~500 years before.

While they were studying that passage, 2 young guys appeared on the front porch. The Holy Spirit revealed to Vance that, one of those 2 guys had a Judas spirit. After the study, that guy came in & attacked Vance. He punched him, blackening his eye, ripped out some of his beard & pulled Vance out of his chair. This was the day before Vance's 38th birthday. PRAISE JESUS!

The devil was eventually evicted & the Holy Spirit took-up residency, again …

The property became anointed again; when approaching the property one could actually feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.  PRAISE JESUS!

In December, Vance developed a pressure sore, so bad it needed surgery. Eventually, surgery was scheduled for July 1996.

7 months later, in July 1996, after a few days fast, his pressure sore was miraculously healed, just before he was scheduled for surgery.   PRAISE JESUS!


Since being Born-Again in 1985, Vance has spoken in error innumerably, in spite of strongly avoiding presumption. However, he has only intentionally, knowing misspoken a few times - usually under pressure, not taking time to think before answering. All times of which he immediately corrected, except once. Under pressure, on the phone with his Doctor, he answered with a misstatement. The call ended abruptly, as he was realizing what happened. He was inclined to phone back, but it would have disrupted his doctor's office, for what was functionally, for the doctor, irrelevant. Thus, only served to clear Vance's conscience, at his doctor's expense. Thus he decided to leave it alone. This is the only such incident, where he can remember not confessing & correcting such a matter. There may be some minor exceptions.  

Vance's mother passed away that summer. She believed in Jesus, yet lived as an alcoholic for 1/2 of her life. He hopes she is with Jesus, not in that other place. How can people take eternity so lightly … when, believe it or not, there are only 2 options … so extremely infinitely, wonderful or horrible?

Against Vance's initial determinations, he ended up with a male Pit-Bull, pre-named, "Skunk," whose Christian name became Micah. Shortly thereafter, the dog got stolen. Subsequently, Vance adopted a female shepherd, he named "Rachel". She got into something that stunk. Vance said, “You smell like a skunk.” Later that day, God miraculously gave Skunk back to Vance, on his 11th Spiritual Birthday, October 8th, 1996.

One day Vance had Skunk pull him amongst a bunch of children, on a basketball court. It was so much fun that after some trial & error, he had Skunk & Rachel pulling him home. These 2 dogs became Patriarchal, to multiple generations of Pit-Bull-Shepherd dogs that pulled his wheelchair, 1 in each hand, eventually 2 in each hand. In Langley, BC, holding onto 2 dogs' collars, in each hand, they were clocked at 28 mph, on flat ground.


Vance took a serious drug addict, named Chris, off the street. He got his life right with the Lord & got clean. One morning, months later, Chris told Vance,  "I had had dream this morning. In the dream, he was in heaven on a group tour, with a tour guide. He saw this large complex. He asked the guide, whose it was. The guide said, "Vance's." Chris has passed away since. I remembered this, near the end of writing this article & felt compelled to share it. I hope Chris is with Jesus.

In the ministry, smoking was only permitted outside. In November, Vance was prayerfully considering the lack of success regarding smoking addiction. Further, watching people scrounge for cigarette butts, from people they did not know, in dirty places, really troubled him. After discussions with others, he implemented a Smoking Program. He bought the tobacco & provided ½ a cigarette, up to 4 times per day, with the stipulation, those smoking were not to obtain any tobacco, other than what he provided. They were encouraged, but not forced to reduce &/or eventually stop. The goal was, a total of 2 CLEAN whole cigarettes per day, was a lot better than no control whatsoever. More people eventually quit, than ever before & virtually the rest were doing much better.   PRAISE JESUS!

A big unexpected bonus; Vance began to realize, many more people were coming off other serious addictions, such as cocaine & heroine, much easier than before – even people who did not smoke. He realized there is a general spirit of addiction that is connected with addictions generally. By controlling one area of addiction, you diminish the spiritual influence of addiction over other addictions.   PRAISE JESUS! 


1999 – VTV News. Vance was on the evening news, consequential to being harassed by a young police officer, who was antagonistic to him, because he was a Christian, even though Vance was a positive influence in the neighborhood. Even helping the apartment manager next to the ministry houses, save the Non Profit Neighborhood Policing facility, by designing, printing & posting flyers & putting on a free-dinner for the community at the church the ministry attended – for public awareness of the said facility. This officer organized 2 raids on the houses in 6 months. A Stock Broker, previous cocaine addict, that Vance helped off the streets, knew the previous Mayor’s son, who was a lawyer. This Lawyer arranged a news meeting at the houses, to address the issue. This ultimately led to VTV News, doing a 5 minute Feature Story, on Vance, the houses & the dogs …

VTV News – 1999 Feature Story of the Year. In the video, the announcer amusingly refers to Vance as the “Pit-Bull Prophet,” yet, per the 1988 nickname Pit-Bull for Jesus, Vance had forgotten about.


Just a brief note on the dogs in this video: The property they lived on (the center house) had no fence, & was on a very busy street. The dogs were permitted to go in & out of the house freely, as they could be trusted not to leave the property, unless escorted. They could be trusted to stay lying down indefinitely, outside any building, until Vance returned, without being tied up. Within a few months after this video, 4 of the dogs, 2 in each hand, could pull Vance at 28 miles per hour, for miles. 

Vance has a prophetic gifting, he'd be a liar if he said otherwise. However, he does not refer to himself as a prophet. It is not wrong, if correctly applicable, to use titles – God & mankind use them. Personally Vance prefers using his 1st name. He is comfortable addressing others by titles, if it is their preference. He discloses Dr. on the website & in articles, to inform that, the author has a Doctorate, based primarily in the sciences & thus writes from an informed perspective. The author writes on uncomfortable topics, because our generation, CHRISTIANS INCLUDED, have their heads in the sand, thinking that they can subject reality, to their personal perspective, & abdicate responsibility, to some other entity or perspective.

IF WE DO NOT WAKE-UP & do something soon, many are going to suffer & we are going to be held accountable. When Vance chooses, he does possess Pit-Bull tenacity, likely why God-Jesus uses Vance the way HE does. Vance was a national champion wrestler after only 3 years of training – that does take tenacity. If such sounds boastful … he would also admit to having an inclination, for profound intermittent IDIOCY. However, it is not wise to thus think his writings may easily be dismissed – in a class of 150 doctors, he finished in the upper 5 percentile, on the National Board exams.

Regarding the scriptures, not many have read an average of 8 hours/day, for 3 years. 

Praise be to Jesus, we only have what He has given us, or given us the ability to achieve. He gives more grace to those who have less, & holds those with more, more accountable. Ouch!!!


April dream – Through the dream & some incidents that occurred that morning, Vance felt that the Spirit of God was motivating him to shut the Vancouver ministry down. He announced the decision that morning. Reflecting on the matter, months later, he was inclined to believe, that the Lord would not let another entity shut down the ministry, they had tried numerous times. However, because the Lord was ready to move him on to his next assignment, he was inspired to shut it down.

2000, September 19th an external incident, determined the imminent move of the ministry from Vancouver, to Langley, in the Fraser Valley (per 1994 Sept. 19 dream), ~50 miles, where in May, Vance had purchased a house. On September 21st, the day of departure, a former house leader, that he had not spoken with in months, showed up unannounced, meeting him in the kitchen, per the September 19, 1994 dream in San Antonio, Texas.

Somewhat into their conversation, Vance realized they were living the ...

1994, September 19th dream (above),

without opportunity to intentionally or subconsciously manipulate the situation.


Vance knew Southern California was next, but since this event took 6 years & he had just bought a house, he anticipated Southern California would be at least years later.


October – hand controls & a wheelchair lift were donated to our ministry. They installed them in their JESUS VAN: with Jesus logos, created by a recovered cocaine addict, Vance had helped numerous times. This gave more transportation options in rural Langley. However, Jesus was intending that Southern California was more imminent than Vance thought.

The unexpected was about to get more intense. In mid December, Vance took a spill in his wheelchair, broke his right femur & ended up in the hospital, where it was also discovered, he had a urinary tract infection & such serious iron deficiency anemia, that he could have a heart attack at any time.

He was discharged from hospital December 31st.

So what happens next, while he is recovering from all this, with a cast from his right hip to his ankle, paralyzed, in a wheelchair ...


January, Vance goes to Southern California, subsequent to God speaking to him in a dream ... in accordance with the 1994 Sept. 19th dream, given to Vance, by God, in San Antonio, Texas ... it is a ... now ... not later ... TIME TO GO! 



2001, Sunday JANUARY 14th DREAM – Vance saw a HOUSE, & heard the Lord’s voice saying “I would have provided 

Vance woke up speaking, “You would have, TOO LATE  or  You would have, GET GOING,” to Southern California, per the 1994, September 19th dream. He prayed about it all that day, becoming assured it was, "get going."

He replied, “Lord, I will be across the US border, by midnight


He loaded up his personal belongings & 5 service dogs, into the van & headed for the border that evening.

Vance had just bought a house 7 months previous & moved into it 4 months previous.

He had a cast on his broken right leg, from his hip to his ankle.


 Months later, after obeying, Vance would realize ...

 God wanted Vance to be in the USA when 911 happened

   to observe world events from a US perspective.   

Vance crossed the boarder about 9:30 PM, that Sunday evening. He stayed in a motel, in Blaine Washington, just across the border, that night. He took care of some personal matters the next day & headed for Southern California, 1:40 AM, Tuesday, January 16th, with his friend & ministry house leader, Dale Tagseth, who came with him, for the 1st few weeks. It was impressed upon Vance to be expedient, go straight there & do not deviate. He drove about 30 of 34 hours, arriving in Las Angeles CA, noon Wednesday, the 17th.

They tripped around greater LA & Orange County, getting a feel for the lay of the land. Even though he had money & was self-sufficient, he was treated as a needy liability, thus persons, churches, ministries, CHRISTIANS being pseudo-friendly & evasive – concerned he might stay around & they might be inconvenienced. He saw opportunities to be helpful, but was not going to intrude. He writes this to emphasize a point made in the previous dream, about the house being provided, not realized until the next Sunday, as follows. In the dream, God had said He would provide, because He knew Vance would be treated as a needy liability, hot potato, that would be avoided. 

This gets interesting. Friday, Dale & Vance were in a men’s clothing store, talking to a young Jewish manager gentleman about Jesus. A middle aged Christian man joins in, and then goes back to shopping. Vance feels lead to talk to him, but after he is finished speaking to the 1st man, but the Christian guy disappeared - however, he had given the Jewish man a Christian tract. On the back was GREENVILLE COUNTRY CHURCH & phone #. Vance phoned, no answer, a message, but didn’t receive messages. He felt he was to speak to the guy by the end of the weekend, but that was now unlikely, as it was Friday mid-afternoon, churches were generally closed Saturdays, Sundays they were in service or closed.

Saturday ~10 AM, he felt led to call again. Against the odds of someone answering the phone, he said, "OK Lord," & phoned. A man who usually was not there, but doing bookwork, answered & gave vance the phone # of the gentleman he met the previous day. He phoned him, but he was going to be at a memorial service that day. He invited Vance & Dale to their church the next day, Sunday.

The Church was near Trinity Broadcasting Network, about 40 minutes from where they were, so they decided they would go to TBN, to watch a Christian movie that day, & go to the church the next day.

At TBN, in a 10 minute preview before the movie, Founder Paul Crouch refers to the building he is standing in front of, as ‘the oldest operational Protestant Church, in Orange County …GREENVILLE COUNTRY CHURCH.’ Vance says to Dale, "that’s the church we are going to tomorrow

The next morning, at Greenville Country Church, an elder had a headache, so Vance prayed & commanded healing, in Jesus' name, for him & he was instantly healed.   PRAISE JESUS!

After the service, Vance finally got to speak to the man they met in the store. He then realized why God did not let them speak when they met ... The man kept saying, 'You have a house in Canada. You need to go back to Canada,' regardless of how many times Vance replied, "God sent me here." Vance declined multiple offers of food & gas money, offered as if he was needy, when he was not.

After the evening service, Dale & Vance were introduced to a man who was not at the church in the morning service.

Emmediately, the gentleman said, "You can stay at my house as long as you want," in Corona. 

THIS WAS THE FULFILLMENT OF THE 2001, Sunday JANUARY 14th DREAM (1 week earlier, to the day) when – I saw a HOUSE ... (above).

Vance politely said we would accept, at least for the night. It was a single story, 4 bedroom house, thus wheelchair accessible; with a fenced in back yard for his dogs. He loved Vance's dogs so much that, when Vance needed to travel by plane or bus, he would gladly take care of them. In return, Vance & Dale cleaned, organized, repaired & maintained his house, garage & yard, though not expected. Dale returned to Canada a few weeks later.


2001, March – Vance was tripping around Las Angeles, in the JESUS VAN, with his dogs. He was lead to this hospital, which had been transformed into a Christian ministry, the Dream Center. He aws tripping around with my dogs pulling him in his chair. A number of their vehicles had these awesome Air Brushed murals ... he is thinking, "Wow … Praise God … I think I see … I do see" ... this guy, Hector Rios, air brushing.

Vance thinks Hector's work is awesome. Hector thinks Vance's dogs are cool. We are brothers in Christ. We talk for a while.

Vance feels very strongly, they met for a reason, but why? … to be revealed June 2005.

2001 April; while back in Santa Ana, CA, as foreseen, 6 years earlier, in Santa Ana, in an 1995 April dream; Vance met a man (Jeff Baclet), who had come from, high in the mountains, due north of  Santa Ana, (Reno = 5000' altitude, due North). The 1995 April dream is further fulfilled below, when Jeff & Vance buy a sailboat in San Diego, in June 2010 & then take it to Ensenada in January 2011.

Jeff & Vance become friends & God blesses their endeavors.

As July 4th, US Independence Day, approached & celebrations ensued, Vance started to consider, it was about that time in July, that the Holy Spirit appeared to him, July 1990, in the GLORY CLOUD, in his Vancouver apartment. He went to an online calendar & sure enough the encounter happened July 4th, 1990. Confirmation that Vance was not just in the states because of happenstance - there was yet to be revealed a significant reason.

... then ...  September approached ...

2001 – 9/11 occurrecd, later, that very same year, he was sent to the US.This was DEFINITELY NOT HAPPENSTANCE !!!  That morning, the Lord had Vance awaking to hear the 1st attack, on a radio not usually on. Then amazingly put back to sleep, to wake up to hear the 2nd attack, amazingly put back to sleep again, to wake up to hear an overview of the attacks, then impressed to get on with the day.


This was a significant day, but bible prophecy chronology was clear ... it was not the beginning of Armageddon, much less the end of the world.


He was suspicious, when he watched videos of the 2 WTC towers coming down at free-fall speed, as if imploded, in classic demolition format.


However, not being an engineer, he did not conclude.


3 years later, evidence revealed, the media-government narrative was flawed.

In 2004 December 911 update (Below).

2001-2 New Years Eve – God audibly spoke to me, "This year I will show you why you are here (in USA)."


2 months later, the ministry house Vance bought in Canada, in 2000, caught on fire, from a wiring defect, existent from before he purchased the house – thus covered by insurance. However, it was obvious, that he was not returning to Canada, anytime soon, other than visits.

When Vance got off the phone, he took his dogs for a run. A big Samoan man impressed by his dogs, chased me down & introduced himself. He started to tell Vance about Samoa. As he did, Vance felt the Lord was telling him, he was going to Samoa. He went home & researched the Samoan Islands & as he did, the Lord confirmed that directive. Jeff came home, from Philadelphia, as Vance was on the computer. Jeff caught on right away. The Lord was showing Vance that, THE SOUTH PACIFIC ISLANDS (ocean mountain tops), were potentially advantageous places of habitat; Samoa, at 13° south of the equator, averages 75-85° F all year, fresh air, fresh water, a 12 month growing season & daily fresh fish - the pacific now being radiated, from Fukushima, may alter the fresh fish denominator eventually.

The Ocean current system will keep most of the Northern Pacific polluted, radiated water in the North Pacific, however, slowly over many decades the contaminated water will bleed into the South Pacific.

A young man, I helped off the street, in the early 1990’s, who was recovering from substance abuse & eventually became a Ministry House Leader ... was now, a successful young married Christian man, owner of a construction company. I could trust him with the contract to repair the house, while I administrated from the USA.

2002, June 28th – Vance was on a plane headed for the Samoan Islands. Waiting to depart, he looked at his watch & realized it was the 17th anniversary, of breaking his back – how to celebrate? The day before, a man he knew told him, that while he was driving, he saw a vision of Vance amongst numerous tall Samoan type people. Vance knew both events were significant, but other than confirming his trip to the Samoan Islands was God's leading, he did not know specifically why,

as of yet (as of 1/12/17)?

2002 November – Jeff & Vance relocated to Reno. Vance purchased a Go-cart trailer for $50 to help transport their stuff, with their 2 vans. An 8 hour tour, turned into a 3 day adventure. Incorporated, was praying & commanding, in Jesus' name, healing for a woman whose eyesight had been damaged (blurred - colorblind) for years, as a consequence to pesticide poisoning. Her vision was instantly healed & she could see the colored details of her cat’s face, for the 1st time.   PRAISE JESUS!


Early May, Vance took a spill, in his wheelchair, breaking his left leg (femur), above the knee. In June, he got 8 pressure sores, to the bone, on his left leg (below the knee) & foot. Hospital doctors in Reno, NV, determined he needed his leg amputated, under the knee. He flew back to Vancouver, B.C. Canada, where hospital doctors concluded the same prognosis. He decided he did not want his leg amputated, so they discharged me. He started a no food or water fast. Two mornings later, he had a dream to fast on grapefruit in the day & celery in the evening. Five days later, Thursday 6 AM, he awoke from a dream, in which he unwrapped his leg & it was healed. That day when he went to a clinic, to have his dressings changed & the nurse un-wrapped his leg & foot ... the flesh had miraculously filled in, from the bone to the skin level, but no skin. That nurse, had never seen my sores before, so he asked her if the doctors would cut off a leg like that. She looked at me queer & said no. He knew Jesus had spared his leg, but it took 8 months for the skin to grow back.   


2003, in the fall; Jeff & Vance were going to buy a property, with 2 houses, in Samoa, but God gave Vance a dream, in which he was speeding, confirmed by a business deal going south, of which they were going to use the proceeds in the purchase. They concluded, to decline from purchasing.

2003-4 winter, while his leg was recovering, the Lord had Vance learning about the history & present times, of the USA. He was researching online, as well as, watching History Channel, C-SPAN & other US informative mediums. He learned about the Pilgrims, Founding Fathers, Declaration of Independence, American Revolution,  Constitution, Bill of Rights, American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, 2 World Wars, significant social political economic occurrences, technical industrial developments, the Great Depression, Pearl Harbor, Korean War, Vietnam War, other military involvements, FBI, CIA, JFK, NASA, Space Missions, Congress & Courts, Education, separation of church & state, Republic vs Democracy, creation vs evolution, removal of God from school & the public domain, abortion, 911, Afghanistan & Iraq wars, Al-Qaida, etc., etc.

In 2005 Vance started righting related articles:


After 8 months of being sickly & numerous urinary tract infections as his leg & foot healed, from the pressure sores, he decided to go to Sacramento, California, where he had a urinary tract infection almost every other day … then he was miraculously healed of the urinary tract infections.   PRAISE JESUS!

2004 September 19th dream – 10 years to the day after the 1994 September 19th dream (above) Vance had this dream, in which he was going to go to Washington DC & New York ... HOWEVER ... in the dream, the vehicle he was going to travel in, was in the shop.

Over the following year it was shown to him that he would be in Washington DC & New York, at the end of October & beginning of November. 

A 2005 dream, showed him, he would be in New York for his birthday - November 12. 

BUT HE WAS NOT SHOWN WHAT YEAR, until, 6 years later, when a new friend Ted had a dream, that revealed the year to Vance.



The very morning of the September 19th dream, a friend came over, with some electric dog training colors, to train the puppies. Also, he had an expensive Roho bed air cushion (RARE), for preventing pressure sores; important for a paraplegics. Vance used the air-cushion on the Canada, Washington DC & New York trips, for the bed, in the van, that Jeff & him later acquired, in 2005.




The combination of the dream & his friend coming over, the same morning, with the items (unusual in themselves), back to back with the dream, was such awesome inspiration & confirmation united, from God; inspiring Vance to train a new generation of puppies, in preparation for the trip - though the trip was 6 years to come. However, 3 of that generation of puppies & their mom, were on a Canada trip & the DC - NY trip.


A month later Vance's computer crashed & he rebuilt his 1st computer in October-November 2004.


This finalized a growing inspiration to start writing articles & build a Christian website, all in preparation for the trip.


2004 December 8th – Vance finished the 1st draft of his 1st article ...



Did thinking the cheque was good … stop it from bouncing? 

Understanding rational versus irrational reasoning, dialogue & behavior.


Is reality what you think or what it is ... regardless of what you think?


        2004, December – he started building the RealityCheq.com website.


2004 December -  911 update – a friend sent Vance a link to a video … PENTAGON STRIKE, similar to this better video …

911 - Proof a plane did NOT hit the PENTAGON - Experts agree. I looked at it over & over again.

The government official story is a lie. We must ask ourselves, “Why? 

Or risk being cowards.” It gets worse.

Vance eventually wrote an article on 911, in the spring of 2009 ... 911 Brief


In 2004, in Reno, Vance had a dream, driving from Vancouver to Edmonton. He woke up thinking, Lord their isn't even a plan for me to be in Canada, at this time. However, he ended up back in Canada in 2007-8.

All of the specific incidents of the dream, were experienced, in November 2007.


2005 April dream – Vance was to write an article for a class & time was running out …

the professor was Hal Lindsey, End Times author of, "Great Late Planet Earth."

He woke up … walked into the living area & to his right on the large screen TV, was Hal Lindsey, live on a Christian broadcasting network.

The message was clear … it was time to write an article on END TIMES CHRONOLOGY

based on what the Lord had shown him during the 3 day fast in March  1986 ...

20 years after being given the book, mid-December 1985, written about the time Vance was born, in 1957 … the article he wrote is titled …



10 final events

The biblical sequence of events - NO dates


2005 - 911 update, – It gets worse. Vance came across … 


The BBC News Reports WTC 7 Fell Before It Happens! ... & ...


WTC 7 Freefalling, as if demolitioned, almost 7 hours after the Twin Towers


Of course the entire government was not involved … but obviously some were …

others understand ... “don’t ask – don’t tell


Yes, there is more.   


2005 ~May – Jeff & Vance, in Reno, bought a 1984 Dodge Ram van, made in Canada, originally purchased & used most of its life in Southern California, in awesome shape, with low mileage. The JESUS VAN was getting old …


2005 – Vance took a young friend, Grant to an evening service at Grant's church, on the east side of Reno.


Vance decided to take the dogs for a run … as he passed around a corner, at the back of the church, he saw a cube van with a mural, instantly he was all but certain it is the Air Brush work of Hector Rios, from the Dream Center, LA, that he met March 2001, 4 years earlier, with the dogs. He went back around & into the church … sure enough … it is his work. He phoned the Dream Center … "Hi Hector … I know why we met … God inspired me to start writing articles & build a website … I’m preparing for a trip to Washington DC & New York … I was thinking about creating a logo/mural on this van/trailer I am considering using for the trip. Go through my RealityCheq.com website & God will show you what do" … 2007 April … was the birth of the   RealityCheq.com   van & trailer.  

You can see Hector’s awesome work @ … 



On the passenger side of the van, you see the Liberty $20 Gold piece.

2006 September, Hector did the outline draft of the Liberty $20 Gold piece coin.

Vance felt led to ask him to add the IN _ _ _ WE TRUST, because the USA is removing God from America.


2007 for the 1st time, in US history, they gave the option of ordering a coin ... 

THIS PARTICULAR COIN, the $20 Liberty Gold piece

with or without   ...   IN GOD WE TRUST.  


 2006 – Jeff & Vance flew to Samoa, to buy a house. God gave Vance a dream, telling him, he was speeding again. This time he got 2 tickets.

Thus, they did not buy the house. He said, OK Lord, but please do not let us be late.

While Jeff & Vance were in Samoa, they were interviewed & written up in the Samoa News-paper twice, regarding or view as Christian American & Canadian tourists, on local influence of Night Clubs.  Samoa news

December: Vance was ordained a Pastor. 

2006 September 19th – While preparing the RealityCheq van & trailer for the mural, in California, where Hector Rios was going to Air Brush the mural, the van alternator failed, so Vance took the van to a shop to be fixed. He had never had something as simple as exchanging an alternator, done in a shop. He took the van to a shop this time, only because He was on the road, time was imperative & doing the repair from a paraplegic platform was going to be time prohibitive. During the repair at the shop (Autozone), he realized it was September 19th2 years to the day, of the 2004 September 19th dream, about the vehicle, he was going to travel in, to DC & NY, was in the shop - NOT HAPPENSTANCE.

He left the van & trailer in CA, with Hector for the winter, for him to complete the mural.

Back in Reno shortly thereafter, Jeff & Vance were considering refinancing a property in Reno, through a contact in California. Vance had a dream that we were in a car. The contact person was driving, Vance was in the passenger seat & Jeff in the back seat. We ended up in a ditch. After some due diligence, we realized the refinancing scheme was a scam – so we cancelled.


2007: April, RealityCheq.com mural on van & trailer completed in LA, by Hector Rios. Vance arrived back in Reno with it, on the 8th, Resurrection Sunday.  Pictures

2007 April dream – Vance went on a trip without his shepherd Rachel, it was uncertain he would see her again.

Early May – because of external circumstances, Vance determined to go to Canada with the RealityCheq van & trailer, for an indefinite period of time – ultimately 14 months. Rachel was getting old & climbing stairs was getting difficult. Mike an older gentleman tenant, who loved his dogs, asked if Vance would leave Rachel with him. It was tough, but Vance's prayerful decision was to accommodate his request, as being the best for both of them. Rachel passed away in August & Mike passed away in December.

Rachel’s granddaughter Rebekah & 3 of Rebekah’s puppies (then adults), Moses, Benjamin & Naomi, accompanied Vance on the trip.

May 5th ~7 AM – He arrived at the Canadian border. That same morning at ~5:00 AM, a dear friend Peter, who used to run Vance's dog Elijah, in the early-mid 90’s, had a dream, that same morning. Peter had developed Schizophrenic issues in the later 90’s. In the dream some men in white, appeared to Peter – he woke up healed. Vance was able to visit & go places with him & the dogs, till Vance went to Edmonton, in November. Peter has been of a sound mind to dateeven helping a Vancouver food ministry & doing extensive traveling; to Czechoslovakia every 2 years to visit family & 1 trip to Israel.    

Vance had spent the summer travelling & ministering, with my dogs throughout the Fraser Valley & greater Vancouver, BC Canada, staying in the RealityCheq van & trailer, with his 4 service dogs, Rebekah, Moses, Benjamin & Naomi.

2007 September – In Vancouver, on a Saturday Vance felt compelled to right a 1 page draft, on 911. The next morning, Sunday, in a coffee shop, he was sharing it with his friend, Peter. A guy who was running for mayor, heard vance & told him that William Rodriguez“The Last Man out of WTC towers on 911” was speaking at the Vancouver Labor Union building that evening. Mr. Rodriguez saved hundreds of lives & was the last man out of the towers. He was honored as a national hero, at the White House. Vance went & heard his testimony of how, “They experienced explosions in the Towers, BEFORE the 1st plane hit & many other issues, which declare 911, to be an inside job.” He turned down millions of dollars & risks his life, to tell the world, the truth. Many are cowards, in spite of people like him, who are trying to tell us the truth. His testimony can be watched here …

William Rodriguez 2006 "9/11 The Last Man Out." Vance did more research, and then back in Reno, NV … he completed his article in the Spring of 2009, early Sunday, Resurrection Morning 911 Brief.

2007 November: Vance felt led, of the Spirit, to go to Edmonton, to open a ministry house for the homeless, as Edmonton was having a homeless problem, exacerbated with winter -50 O - -70 O F temperatures.

He was travelling in his van with trailer, following a group of Christian brothers, driving in a Limousine, to a Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, AGM gathering, in Edmonton. They hooked up in the mid-latter evening, in Chilliwack, with the intent of driving all night.  

Early in the trip, their driver got diverted in Hope BC. The driver was navigating streets in a fashion, difficult for Vance to keep up with, in Van van with trailer. He realized HE HAD EXPERIENCED THIS EVENT IN A DREAM in Reno NV, a few years earlier. The dream showed him specific events on this trip & his 1st month in Edmonton – he actually told people things that would happen before they happened. When he awoke out of the dream, that he experienced about 2004-5, he remember being baffled, as there was no directive for him to be in Canada, not to mention driving to Edmonton.

They got back on the highway. The following events, in the 6 bullet points below, all happened ACCORDING TO THE DREAM:

v  In the dream & then in real time, they were driving so fast, trying to make time, it was so difficult keeping up that Vance considered options of reconnecting in Edmonton, if they left him behind.

A few hours into the trip, they thought it wise for one of them to ride shotgun with Vance, to assure he did not fall asleep.

v  After Banff National Park, on an extremely straight highway most of the way to Edmonton, whenever Vance let his foot off the accelerator, he heard an erratic clicking sound. He told the guy riding shotgun, that in the dream, the problem would be revealed in Edmonton.

v  As they approached Edmonton, the 2nd guy, to ride with Vance, was offended by some of the others & in spite of Vance's advice, he got out of the van at a light & took a bus back to Vancouver.

v  In Edmonton, it was discovered the mechanical problem was a blown trailer-wheel bearing – the wheel was literally flopping around on the end of the axle. It was a good thing the weight was distributed in a way that kept the opposite wheel on the ground.

Vance celebrated his 50th birthday, in Edmonton, with Christian brother & friend, from Germany, Pastor Jurgen Rath.

Vance was with a Christian brother he met in Edmonton, at a restaurant, meeting with the owner of a house he would rent. Privately, he told the brother, "I am to rent this house, but I feel something is going to go wrong."

v  When parking the trailer in the back yard of the house that Vance rented, the landlord redirected me from where I was going to park the trailer, to another spot … beside a tree, close to the back door of the house ... AS IN THE DREAM – in the dream, this was when he had a bad feeling about that house rental situation.

The landlord had said he would remove his stuff from the garage & basement. After Vance moved in, landlord became vague about when. The master bedroom was the only bedroom on the main floor. Vance set up his air bed in the living room so the landlord could use the master bedroom, on intermittent weekends, if he was in town, until Vance needed the space. The line got crossed, when the landlord started harassing Vance for keeping the temperature warmer than he thought it should be. Vance needs to stay warmer because of slow blood circulation, because of his paralysis ... Vance was paying for the utilities! It was a battle, but Vance got him to agree to end the contract at the end of the month & return his deposit. That evening, at ~7:30 PM, the 1strental agent, Vance phoned, from the yellow pages, answered & had a place a couple blocks away, available December 1st.

v  When he showed Vance the house, he recognized the back yard, sundeck & kitchen FROM THE DREAM.

This house was not available, when he rented the 1st house, in an area appropriate for the needs of the situation. The 1st house was a stepping stone, appointed by God; the landlord was a professing Christian, who was not listening to God, in areas the lord wanted to minister to him in, through Vance.

Vance opened the houses considering, 'What little I am able to accomplish is better than accomplishing nothing.' 

He opened the 2nd house December 1st, the temperature was -50 O F, the coldest winter of his life. In little time the house was full.

He helped ~60 persons off the street, ~ 14 professed salvations, ~6 lives significantly changed.  


A local news paper published a page article & picture, about the house ministry & Vance.   Edmonton News article.


Dogs pulling Vance's wheelchair in Edmonton.

2008 June 24th, Vance handed the house off to a married Christian couple (Cal & Eva), when he returned to Reno, with his friend Jeff. The husband was one of the 1st persons Vance took in, who became his 1st house leader. The rental agent of the 2nd house was a non-believer, who got touched by God, through our relationship - hopefully he did or does get saved.

June 25th, late evening, arrived back in Reno, NV.

2008 September 8th, one of Vance's working dogs, Moses got sick & was diagnosed with kidney failure, at only 5 ½ years of age. Vance felt he was too young, to be euthanized. Vance slept with him on the floor, giving him interstitial fluid injections every few hours & feeding him with a large syringe - loaded with a mixture of herbs, nutrients, green powder & fluids. Also, they went for multiple walk/runs per day. He became stabilized – but not normal. Vance still had to continue giving him interstitial fluid injections, syringe feedings & restrict his activities – Moses could not pull Vance's wheelchair with the other dogs. Near the end of the month, a Christian lady friend & Vance prayed & commanded healing in Jesus' name for him & he was miraculously healed. He instantly devoured pig ears & doggy chew sticks, which he was not found of even when healthy. Previous to praying, he would not eat steak. Right after eating, Moses ran with the other dogs, pulling Vance in his wheelchair for the 1st time since he got sick. Vance was able to take him off the interstitial fluid injections & he was eating & drinking normal. He was doing awesome. He was back to living an ordinary life. Vance kept him on the natural remedy supplements, as a preventative.   PRAISE JESUS!

2008 Saturday, October 12th evening - in Reno, Nevada, USA, Vance got a bad chill & got sick … Vance's bladder ruptured … the next morning, Sunday October 13th, his friend Jeff, found him semi-unconscious & phoned 911. The hospital surgeon, operated that evening, for 8 hours. Early Monday, October 14th (Thanks Giving, in Canada), Vance went into a coma. After 3 days the hospital told Jeff, to prepare for his demise, as it was unlikely that he would recover. The hospital also told Jeff, they were concerned because Vance was also breaking the arm restraints used to prevent unconscious patients from pulling life support tubings out; Vance stays in shape, but is not that strong - where would you consider the strength came from. While in the coma, God-Jesus asked Vance, if he would like to stay (or not)? Vance realized he had not finished his task here, but because he does not like living as a paraplegic, Vance asked, "If I stay, how long?" God answered, "13 years." Vance replied, "I’ll stay."   


October 2008 + 13 = October 2021+/- 364.9 days (any time within the 13th, yr.


Vance also asked a question, about a personal situation, of which he was told he would have an opportunity in 2-3 years. During the stipulated time period, he got the opportunity, but with unfavorable results. The details are too much of a detraction for this forum, at this time. 


After 11 days in a coma, Friday October 25th at supper timeVance's eyes popped open!


*Of Note: The dates & days of the week, played out identical in 2019 & Vance found that he was reliving the situation in another, more gentle version, like in another subtle dimension - a very different experience of God's presence leading him, in a healing manner. Happening while in process of potentially obtaining a property in Samoa, with very interesting events in play. 

Sunday morning, October 27th, in the hospital, Vance had a dream (a), in which he was walking Moses. Vance turned to look at something, he turned back & Moses was gone … he woke up with a sunken heart. The dreadful impression materialized a month later & more so, 3 1/2 months later.

Monday morning, October 28th, the doctor insinuating that he was in for a lengthy stay - yet, 3 days later...

October 31st, All Saints' Day, (for other's Halloween), Vance was discharged & Moses was off the interstitial fluids & doing awesome.

2008 November 4th, an awesome event; America elected their 1st black/colored/mulatto President. The problem; they elected the wrong mulatto man. He blatantly lied, passing himself off as a Christian, when he is a Muslim/Islamic (extremist). How does that happen, when America is at war with radical Islam? 911 & this is proof, in & of itself, that the populous has been deceived by there government & main stream media, who are obviously complicit. The republicans & democrats, like the WWF, on camera contest with each other, then off camera party together, with media personalities - all paid for by the same elite, through different corporations. The obvious truth, becomes readily clear, with little to moderate online investigation, by an objective, free & open mind. The disinformation & other distortions become clear reasonably quickly.

Towards the end of November, 2 of Vance's female dogs, went into heat, back to back. Moses was not eating or drinking normally - he relapsed, back into kidney failure. He was back on the interstitial fluids & 1 on 1, him & Vance, walking & running. In hindsight, Vance realized he should have put Moses back on interstitial fluids, as a preventative, until after the females were out of heat – this was the beginning of the fulfillment of the October dream (a), above. Vance looking sideways (taking his eyes off Moses), in the dream, was related to Vance not responding appropriately to Moses not drinking enough water.

A week into December Moses & Vance were out running & walking together, as Moses was back to, not pulling Vance's wheelchair with the other dogs. Moses collapsed … no breathingno pulse … tongue turning blue … cars rushing by. He was stone cold dead. No pulse, no heartbeat, no breathing, his eyes were a death stare & his tongue was hanging out, turning blue. No cars stopped. Vance said, "Lord, if this is it … at least Moses died doing what he loved to do. I hope this is how I go." However, Vance thought he should at least pray & attempt to bring Moses back. He prayed commanding healing in Jesus' name … initially nothing … then a cough … a 2nd cough … 3rd cough … after having been stone dead, at least 5-10 minutes … his eyes opened. Minutes later, he was up walking.   


Vance thought, for sure Moses was going to fully recover, that God had a purpose for him.

The next morning, he had a dream (b) … Moses was being injected in a foreleg, to be euthanized. Vance was confused, as this seamed contradictory to what happened the previous day.


He thought, as the biblical Moses prayed for the people of Israel, influencing God not to annihilate them, after God declarer he was going to take them out, because of their blatant evil rebellions (Exodus 32: 7-10-11-14) ... Vance determined that he would appeal to God, to circumvent Moses' demise, as Moses' situation was somewhat Vance's fault. So VAnce pursued God & he even had at least 1 dream where he was shown specific food, which helped Moses. However, he never got back to normal again. He was on interstitial fluid injections. His appetite was diminished. Again, he could not pull Vance's wheelchair with the other dogs. Again, though he was stable, Vance could not get him off the interstitial fluids …     


Moses was stable but not getting better. On a Friday evening, early February, when Vance was giving Moses his interstitial fluid injection, he screamed in protest. He greatly detested the interstitial fluid injections. If it was Vance, he would not want to be alive … That was it! Vance would not want to live that way himself, so the next day, he showered Moses, fed him a special meal, took him for their final run-walk, brought him home & he was euthanized at home. Just writing this broke Vance out in tears. The veterinarian injected him in the leg, as seen in dream (b), after dream (a), which

Moses (left) with his brother Benjamin (right) showed Vance, Moses was leaving him.
Moses would have been 6 years old on
  the 27th of that month, February, with Benjamin & their sister Naomi.


Feb – Mar, Jeff & Vance joined Mary McKnight, founder of Mountain Ministries Food Ministry, in Reno, Nevada  – serving the local homeless & struggling working class.

Uric acid from Vance's October 2008, bladder rupture, having gotten into his abdomen, created scar tissue on his small intestine … eventually causing an intestinal blockage, requiring surgery, that removed 6-8” of his lower intestine, in the later spring of 2009. During recovery, it appeared they were going to have to re-operate. He said, "No," & prayed … the next day they said he was fine.   PRAISE JESUS!

Dec - Jeff, Paul (a Christian brother) & Vance started feeding homeless people at Tent City, Reno, Nevada – poor economy was devastating many – parents with children on the streets & in shelters. Also, they increased their local house ministry, to help shelter & rehabilitate persons in need. 


2010: February - June, the house was averaging 4-8 persons from the street.

2010 March – Jeff came into Vance's room to show him a sailboat for sale in Hawaii. They phoned & got no response, but the seed was planted. Vance was not interested in sailing as a paraplegic. However, after prayer & re-consideration ... a sailboat appeared to be in the plan.

They found a prospective sailboat in San Francisco, the preferred location, having the closest coastal marinas to them, in Reno. After inspection, their experienced sailboat adviser concluded it was not a good choice.

However, they did obtain a sailing magazine from the marina the boat was at.

2010 – April, a young man that they helped off the street in Reno, Ted, had a dream directing him back to school … there was a stack of papers, which said, ‘THE END OF OCTOBER - THE BEGINNING OF NOVEMBER 2010.’ Ted did go to a cooking school that fall.

Vance said to Ted, “Your dream was not just for you, it was for me also. I had a dream 2004 September 19th, showing me going to Washington DC & New York.  Over the following year, I was further shown late October - early November as the time of year I would be there. However, I was never shown the year, until your dream, finally told me, this year, 2010 is the year."





Unfortunately, many prematurely conclude, damaging or destroying God's plan in their life or others' lives - worse, some conclude prematurely, adding, thus sayeth the Lord!


Early June – the same young man, Ted, was leafing through the sailing magazine, Jeff & Vance brought back from San Francisco. Ted spotted a Trimaran sailboat in San Diego. Jeff & Vance went to San Diego (as foreseen in 1995 Dream), to check out the Trimaran sailboat, with the same adviser, who advised “no,” on the San Francisco boat. He gave a thumbs-up on the San Diego boat, so they bought it.

They planned to sail it back to San Francisco during the summer, but Jesus had a different plan.

June - the City of Reno, NV ... wrote Jeff & Vance a thank you letter, for feeding the homeless, 2 times per week, since December 2009.

Later June – Jeff & Vance went to Canada as Vance needed to renew his passport & driver's license. He also needed to renew his 2-3 year, R1 Visa, for the USA. On the way back into the US, new requirements for an R1 visa, made it not worth renewing, so Vance determined he would settle for a 6 month tourist visa. Still, Vance had problems acquiring entrance back into the USA, while his dogs were in Reno. The problem, was due to an arbitrarily bogus 911 spin-off.  Jeff & Vance were delayed for about a week. It got so bad, they considered Vance flying into Tijuana, Mexico & then Jeff bringing Vance's dogs & the sailboat into Mexico. They had it all worked out, then they got a reasonable supervisor at the border, who helped Vance get back into the US. It now appeared, God used the boarder issue to determine moving the boat into Mexico, in January 2011, instead of San Francisco, as Vance's 6 months tourist visit would expire January 8, 2011. The 1995, ~ April Dream ...  about going into Mexico was not remembered, at this time.

Early midsummer, in Reno, a middle aged, big burly man was introduced to Jeff & Vance, by a 3rd party. He came to visit them in the evening. He told them, he was going blind in both eyes, from traumatic injury to his corneas. In front of about a ½ dozen persons, Vance prayed for him. The sun had gone down & it was dark. He said, he should not drive ... but he did. Twenty minutes later, he phoned, euphorically exclaiming, "I CAN SEE … I CAN SEE!" His next visit to his doctor confirmed, he was indeed healed.   PRAISE JESUS!

2010 October 16th – Vance headed for Washington DC & New York   ...   arriving in Washington DC about Oct 28th & New York on November 12th … Vance's 53rd birthday.

December 9th – he arrived back in Reno.


2011 – January, per the 1995 April dream ...

Jeff & Vance went through San Diego & Tijuana to Ensenada, and then brought the boat from San Diego, down the coast to Ensenada, Baja, Mexico.

This was the conclusion of the 1995 April dream.

v  Vance had the dream, which did not mention a boat.

v  Buying a sailboat was Jeff’s idea.

v  Neither of them were sailors.

v  San Francisco was their preferred marina location.

v  Their advisor gave the red light on the San Francisco sailboat consideration.

v  The sailing magazine was brought from the San Francisco marina.

v  Ted found the sailboat, leafing through the sailing that magazine.

v  Their advisor gave the green light on the San Diego sailboat – in spite of the location.

v  They planned to sail it to San Francisco, not leave it in San Diego or take it into Mexico.

v  Mexico was not even a consideration, until Vance had the USA border problems, coming back from Canada.

v  Entering Mexico January 2011 was determined by the limited 6 month USA visit, clocked from July to January.

v  Travelling South of Tijuana was because Tijuana does not have a marina.


Ψ  Vance entered Mexico January 2011, was 10 years to the month, after his entering the USA January 2001.


v  At the time of the 2010 July Canada-USA border issue, going to Mexico was not on Vance's mind, in spite of the 1995 dream - as Vance had not had any further confirmation. I knew little about Mexico & the dream gave him no ideas, as to what, when, where, how or why.

     Unless Vance feels a dream is actually instructing him to take action, he waits on the Lord, as to its fulfillment, rather than meddle with making it happen, which can lead to problems, instead of blessings.

     The border problem, with the boat already in San Diego, now provided a motive & an open door. A shortage of marinas, limited the options. The plan was simple. There are only 4 marinas in the 1st fifty miles of Mexico, then hundreds of miles to the next one.

In early spring, in Ensenada, a young lady & Vance prayed for an older man’s hearing … he came back the next morning, proclaiming he was healed.   PRAISE JESUS!


2011 was a year the Lord provided opportunities. There was also much peripheral distraction, provided by the Devil. Vance had some success, but for the overall year he had more failure than success. The weekend of his 54th birthday (November 12th), he had a dream; He was running a race ... he was running through, what appeared to be grassy parkland, with trees to his left & a road, slightly above him to the right. 2 men running on the road, passed him & were headed for the finish line, close in front of them. It did not appear Vance would be likely to catch them.

If he did not catch them, it seamed he would place 3rd.  


Reno, a young woman & Vance prayed for a man who suffered substantial hearing loss in 1 ear, because of trauma to the head. He was instantly healed.   PRAISE JESUS!


 2013 RESURRECTION Weekend – Vance had a dream.

But 1st, Why not use the term "EASTER?" 


Jesus was crucified on Passover, then 3 days & 3 nights later (Mat. 12:40), He was RESURRECTED (raised from death, to life) on Sunday, after Passover; about the same time of year, as the Pagan fertility worship celebration, called Easter.

However, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME EVENT, even if they were to occur on the same day.


The term "Easter" appears only once in the English (KJV) Bible translation, of the Greek New testament scriptures, in Acts 12:4: Easter in this case has been translated from "pascha" pronounced pas'-khah,  from a word of Chaldee origin; the Passover (Strong’s Greek Dictionary). "pascha" is translated "Passover," 28 of 29 times, in the New Testament. Acts 12:4 is the only time it is translated Easter.

The pagan fertility ritual of Easter is about the same time of year as Passover, but they are not the same event. 

Jesus was crucified on Passover, then RESURRECTED 3 days & 3 nights later, on Sunday.


The King James Version (KJV) bible translation is the best English translation that Vance is aware of. However, he is not convinced it is inherent, as some would ascribe to. The original scriptures authored by the Holy Spirit, scribed by God chosen men, are inherent. We do have copies that are inherent, exact to the letter or of such minor errors, that context is not significantly obscured. For more information on this topic, go to this 2-3 page article ... What BIBLE? - Which MANUSCRIPTS?


As good a translation, as the KJV may be, it is difficult to justify this unfortunate rendering. There is no scriptural foundation. And Vance has not seen or heard of a justifiable foundation, external or internal to scriptural.


An unfortunate flawed reasoning to the abhorrent translation, is that the Acts passage is in the context of the "Then were the days of unleavened bread" (Acts 12:3) ... (Acts 2:4) ... (Herod) intending after Easter (pascha = Passover) to bring him forth to the people. For some, "pascha" could not be translated "Passover" because Passover already occurred before the days of unleavened bread.


However, Acts 12:3 specifically refers to the weeklong FEAST of UNLEAVENED BREAD (7 days), that follows the generally inclusive PASSOVER FEAST meal (1 day), that is also eaten with unleavened bread, the day before the longer feast. This = 8 total feast days of eating unleavened bread.

Reciprocally, PASSOVER specifically refers to the 1 day feast meal, eaten with unleavened bread, however, it is generally inclusive of the following

7 days feast of eating unleavened bread, which = 8 days (Luke 22:1).

Thus the feasts terms of PASSOVER & UNLEAVENED BREAD are specifically exclusive but generally inclusive. The 2 terms may be used exclusively or alternatively.


Reasonable conclusion being, "after pascha" = "after Passover" in Acts 12:4, where Passover is generally applying to the entire 8 feast days, above. Even if this obvious simple explanation did not fit, jumping to substitution with the pagan celebration day of "Easter" is an extremely unsubstantiated resolution.


Teachings contrary to scripture & the traditions of man have amalgamated pagan "Easter" rituals, with the celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection. Consider, the Word of God does not mention anything about colored eggs / bunny rabbits – involved in the Pagan rituals of Easter. God is not so concerned about the word "Easter." He does prohibit involvement in pagan rituals – worse, combining them with the commemoration of His Son’s resurrection. Thus using the term Easter may not be tragic, but being caught up in pagan rituals is not good - with pagan intent, it is catastrophic. It is preferable to avoid unnecessary association with paganism, by simply using terminology that is more relevant. Christians are called to celebrate Jesus' Resurrection, not Easter, thus avoid using the term Easter in reference to Jesus' Resurrection, except to communicate with those ignorant of this understanding.  


Back to the dream on Resurrection Weekend – Vance has had numerous dreams in the format of being back in Chiropractic College where exams were impending & he did not feel prepared or he had finished exams & was concerned about how he did. However, in this dream …

he graduated. The Dean said he did well. Vance looked at him with reservation. The Dean intensely looked in Vance's eyes & emphatically stated, "YOU DID VERY GOOD!"

Vance considered God was encouraging him, as he knew he has messed up big time, many times. He has had many dreams where it appeared he had not done well or questionable, compared to a few where he did well. Balance is necessary, in our Christian walk, so we should not get puffed up when things go well & we should not give up when things go bad.

Also, this dream was likely, partially because about a day before, after 27 ½ years of being a Christian & contemplating the Jesus' Resurrection Day & Easter issues, Vance, put his foot down, as the saying goes ... & decided, he was going to use the phrase,

"HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY !!!" ... HAPPY EASTER. He believes this could have been a significant reason why God gave him the dream, but unlikely the only reason. If it weren't for the related dream, he likely would not discuss the Resurrection - Easter issue in this forum, at this time.

2013 August – Jeff & Vance rented a house in Alisitos, Baja, Mexico, between Tijuana & Ensenada, 4 miles from the sailboat. This permits easy access to the boat & local ministry.


2014 January 31st - VANCE WAS DETAINED AT THE USA BORDER, OVER NIGHT , on what was supposed to be a few our round-trip, from Baja California, Mexico to San Diego, California, USA. The simple proof, I was not a threat; is I was released into the states the next morning. How does a paraplegic, with a doctorate & having been a national champion wrestler, with no criminal record, travelling with his service dogs, get detained at a border of a so called 'civilized nation?' Likely, fascist is a better term?

Being detained as a paraplegic, limited to a room, in a wheelchair when one cannot use their legs & not even permitted reading material was abusive torment. Vance had never realized how vulnerable he was.

Paraplegics generally suffer from phantom limb experience, similar to persons with amputated limbs. The experience is similar to when you wake up & your arm or leg has "fallen asleep," become numb, from lack of circulation ... when it starts to wake up, one feels intense tingling. Paraplegics often feel it for much of the time they are awake. Many take medications for life - Vance never has, rather he tries to stay occupied, so he loses awareness of it. Problem, once you become aware of the tingling, it gets worse. A person in this situation, not afforded freedom to move around, sit or lye down in different postures, etc., the tingling can get to the point that it is tormenting, as if someone was torturing you, by putting electricity through your body, not enough to kill you, rather enough to torment you.

Vance would pray, worship, do push ups, wheel around the room in a figure 8 pattern until he could rest or sleep a bit ... repeat the those activities ... WITH EXCRUCIATING TINGLING MOST OF THE TIME !!!  After one night he was preferring death. He prayed & called out to the Lord ... there was a knock on the door ... a gentleman came in & said, "You seem kind of intelligent, to be in here. What happened?" ... Vance told him what happened ... he went out & came back about 20 minutes later ... asked him a few more questions ... went out & back again in about 20 minutes ... He said, "Your friends are waiting for you."  

PRAISE JESUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The US citizens hopefully, are going to wake up & realize they are systematically losing their Republic, left to them, by the Founding Fathers, who clearly instructed, that THE CITIZENS, as a collective, ARE the FINAL AUTHORITY UNDER GOD, not the Government.

The Founding Fathers also stated, when the government fears the people, there is peace - when the people fear the government, there is tyranny.  They further stated, if you give up your freedom for protection ... you not get protection & you will lose your freedom. 

Further, if the USA falls into a fascist/socialist/communist/dictatorship ... the World will be like China & Russia in a heartbeat.

The Founding Fathers warned, 'When the Government fears the people, their is freedom ... when the people fear the government, there is oppression.'  

This got Vance wondering, did this happen, though he was in the right place or did it happen because he made a wrong turn. Without expanded explanation ... a bit of both.

Vance's life had been on a rollercoaster since January 2011 ... there had been write & wrong moves mixed with ... challenging additives, one might say.

Loving forgiveness, does not mean no consequences for wrongs done. Mercy must be justifiable to an holy & honorable all knowing God. God loves the worst person going to hell, but their sinful nature is so bent, it is unredeemable. It is not the severity of the sin, rather can the person willingly desire correction. This does not negate the blood of Jesus, as there is no forgiveness without the shedding of blood - only the perfect blood of Jesus will suffice. However, ounce saved ...

    Heb 10:26 ... if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins,

    Heb 10:27 But a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries.

Some very bad people repent (turn around) & get saved, while some people committing lesser sins, stubbornly refuse to change, so still go into eternal torment, which is out of the presence of God, into the presence of Lucifer, forever.

This temporary life is good & bad, the next life is eternally good or bad, determined by our choices in this life, which reveal who we were following, God or Satan.


It is not the severity of the sin,

rather the ability to be humble enough to repent (change from a bad to good directive), ask forgiveness & sustain the change. It is understood, we will never achieve perfection in this life, but are we willing to partake in growing in that direction.

Pride is a big determining factor.  

A fair & just God must determine how much mercy he can give to those who (should) know better, considering others are going to eternal damnation for doing similar things.

A Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses

2014 March 27:  For people in the United States, an extraordinary series of lunar eclipses is about to begin.

2014 April 15th, a full Moon passed through the amber shadow of Earth, producing a midnight eclipse visible across North America. So began a lunar eclipse tetrad—a series of 4 consecutive total eclipses occurring at approximately six month intervals.  The total eclipse of April 15, 2014, followed by another on Oct. 8, 2014, and another on April 4, 2015, and another on Sept. 28 2015.



These full moon eclipses appear red, giving to the term ...  TETRAD (4) BLOOD RED MOONS.


Blood Moon Tetrads ... and Solar Eclipse


(added text)

NASA ... lunar eclipses between -1999 BC and +3000 AD.   ...

During that time there will be 142 Lunar Tetrads (four total lunar eclipses in a row, with no intervening partial lunar eclipse). 


From 1 AD to 2100 AD will have been 62 occurrences. 

Of the 62, 8 will have occured on Biblical Feast Days, thus called "Biblical Tetrads"

An average of 1 Biblical tetrad every 262.5 years, 3 having happened in the last 100 years.

The 8th "Biblical Tetrad" occurs in 2014-2015.

There will not be another "Biblical Tetrad" for almost 600 years

The chances of any lunar eclipse occurring on any particular day, whether total or partial, is less than 3/365.  The chances of occurring on particular days, 4 times in a row, would be 3/365 x 3/365 x 3/365 x 3/365 = or about one in 100 x 100 x 100 x 100 = one in 100 million days, or once in 273,000 years.  Nevertheless they have occurred on the first day of Passover and Tabernacles 9 times since 1 AD.


Statistically, they should NEVER HAPPEN. Thus indicative of being by design, which takes a creative & inteligent mind, with the ability to make it happen.

In 2014, the first of 4 total lunar eclipses occurred on Passover, April 15, followed by

a solar eclipse on April 29,

then the second total lunar eclipse occurred on the Feast Tabernacles, October 8, followed by another solar eclipse on October 23, 2014.

In 2015, the Jewish religious year began with a total solar eclipse March 20,

then two weeks later the third total lunar eclipse occured on Passover, April 4, and then

the Israelite civil year began with a total solar eclipse on September 13,

followed two weeks later by the fourth total blood red moon on the Feast of Tabernacles, September 28, 2015.

Tetrads of four sequential lunar eclipses with no intervening partial lunar eclipses occurs 6 other times in this century,

but this is the only time it occurs on the Jewish holy days of Passover and Feast of Tabernacles.

The last time that four blood red moons occurred together was in 1967-1968, probably related to the recapture of Jerusalem by Israel

The time that the tetrad occurred before this was in 1949-1950, probably related to Israel becoming a nation

Before this time, the last occurrence was 1493-1494, probably related to the expulsion of the Jews from Spain.

Since 1 AD, a "Biblical tetrad" has occurred on these holy days a total of 8 times. 

2014-2015, being the 8th time. It won't occur again for another 500 years.



We are living in interesting times, to say the least. These events have lined up with scriptural & historic events ... & are lining up with scriptural prophesy. The statistics involved make it clear God is speaking. We need to be careful about concluding, what He is saying, particularly with regards to concluding on future dates. There have been more false prophesies since Y2K, than probably any other era in history.

False prophesies, perpetrated under the influence of Satan, have had his desired effect, as many people now forsake prophesy, which is not a remedy, as

God's prophesies come true, regardless of Satan's false prophesies.

It can be just as wrong to ignore God's true prophesies,

as to believe Lucifer's false prophesies.



    Genesis 1:14-19 And God said, Let there be lights (sun, moon & stars) in the firmament of the heaven (sky) to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so. 

    And God made two great lights (sun & moon); the greater light (sun) to rule the day, and the lesser light (moon) to rule the night:

    he made the stars also. 

    And the evening and the morning were the fourth day. [God's day starts at evening, not midnight (the witching hour)]



      Revelation 6:12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake;

      and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

      And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind. And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.

      And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman,

      and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;

      And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne,

      and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?


      Mathew 24:29-31 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken: And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man (Jesus) coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

      And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.


      Luke 21:25-28 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.


      1Thessalonians 4:13-18 But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep (dead), that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.  For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep.

      For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words.


      1Corinthians 15:1-26 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand;

      By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain.

      For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

      And that he was seen of Cephas, then of the twelve: After that, he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once; of whom the greater part remain unto this present, but some are fallen asleep. After that, he was seen of James; then of all the apostles. And last of all he was seen of me (Paul) also, as of one born out of due time. For I am the least of the apostles, that am not meet to be called an apostle, because I persecuted the church of God (before being saved). But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; but I laboured more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me. Therefore whether it were I or they, so we preach, and so ye believed.

      Now if Christ be preached that he rose from the dead, how say some among you that there is no resurrection of the dead? But if there be no resurrection of the dead, then is Christ not risen:

      And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain. Yea, and we are found false witnesses of God; because we have testified of God that he raised up Christ: whom he raised not up, if so be that the dead rise not. For if the dead rise not, then is not Christ raised: And if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain; ye are yet in your sins. Then they also which are fallen asleep in Christ are perished.

      If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.

      But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that slept.

      For since by man came death, by man (Jesus) came also the resurrection of the dead.

      For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.

      But every man in his own order: Christ the firstfruits;

      afterward they that are Christ's at his coming.

      Then cometh the end,

      when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power. For he must reign, till he hath put all enemies under his feet. The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.


      1Corinthians 15:50-58 Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption.

      Behold, I shew you a mystery;

      We shall not all sleep (die), but we shall all be changed,

      In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye,

      at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible,

      and we shall be changed.

      For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written,

      Death is swallowed up in victory.

      O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

      The sting of death is sin;

      and the strength of sin is the law.

      But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

      Therefore, my beloved brethren,

      be ye stedfast, unmoveable,

      always abounding in the work of the Lord,

      forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.


      Revelation 1:7 Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him:

      and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.



      We are aware of dates & events, but I for one, do not know what specific events are going to happen on which specific dates. But it is clear we are approaching the troubled times, foretold in the scriptures. Be safe in Jesus or wish you were.


      Lucifer, has flooded this generation with so many false prophecies, these last 2 decades, so much so ... people will not consider true prophecies, not even scripture, that has over a thousand fulfilled prophecies.


      Lucifer is a master at deceiving people through false representations, via worldly personalities, imposterers of Christianity ... & true believers, who let their shield down & receive deception as truth ... then disperses it ... too late to stop the train ... even if corrections are made. 


      If we would ever just ...

      Seek Jesus ... 1st ... last ... & in-between.

      Listen & obey.

      Humbly admit when we are wrong

      Make the corrections ... carry on ... doing our best ... trusting Him for the rest ...

      Accepting the outcome ... knowing He knows best ...

      IF ONLY ... we would.


      Worse ... we curse Him

      If not in words ... by our attitude & actions.


      He who suffered & died ... for our eternity,

      Forever proving His love.


      Yet we want Him to prove His love,

      By doing what we want,

      Our way.


      Oh, mercy me.


      Repent, before it's too late.


      So we may be healed,

      See from a better perspective,

      Understand, there is always a purpose,

      Higher than the purpose of self.


      A purpose of love, beyond our comprehension !!!


2014 April 15 - The 1st Tetrad Blood Red Moon of this series, appeared.

2014 July 4th - American Independence Day (God having appeared to Vance 1990 July 4th); through Jeff, came an opportunity for Vance to speak on a Reno radio station, 1-2 PM Wednesdays, starting the next Wednesday. They felt it was a good opportunity to promote the gospel & speak about the US & World events. VAnce did a 1 month trial, which showed potential. During that time, he had a dream, wherein, after receiving information from a gentleman, he stepped into a closet, where he started to speak on a microphone that transmitted to numerous nations. Due to conflicting issues Vance decided not to continue with that radio station, at that time. However, he felt this was just the beginning of something similar to follow.

2014 October 8 - The 2nd Tetrad Blood Red Moon of this series, appeared on Vance's 29th Spiritual birthday. He is not yet sure of the relevance. However, he is sure there is a relevance.

Probably something simple like, he was Born Again on the same date as the 2nd Tetrad Red Moon, because he has an End Times Ministry, similar to the Lord appeared to him on July 4th to called him to ministry, because Jesus new He was going to send Vance to the states 10 years later, January 2001 before 911 happened happened that year. He graduated 1976, the year of the USA's 200th anniversary, only because he had to repeat grade 1, because of a tractor hitting him from behind, on his way to school. Because he spent 6-8 weeks at home recovering, he saw the News alerts about JFK being shot. And the End Times Chronology book written when he was born, given to him 2 months after he was Born Again ...

1985 mid-December, Vance was given a book, written about the time he was born. He knew in his spirit & shared with the gentleman, who gave the book to him, "This book is of God, but for me to read, at a later date" ... March 1986.

Then 3 months later, he called to a fast, the second morning he is awakened at 7:45 am, with the thought, "Get the book." He retrieved it from the box he put it in. He was starting Revelation chapter 6 that morning, which involved the Chronology the book was based on - happenstance, unlikely.

Also, the 1st morning of the fast, he happened to be starting the book of Revelation. After he prayed, the letters became 3D, illuminated & elevated off the page. Out of his mouth came, 'Lord, over the next few days you are going to open up the book of Revelation to me.'

This many incidents of happenstance, cannot be happenstance. Vance is known to make mistakes, but he is not known to be a blatant liar. This stuff is not intentional fiction, thus it is multiple blatant lies or relative fact - there may be some minor errors, but in general practicality .... TRUTH.

2014, early-mid October DREAM - wherein, Vance was in a living unit, similar to what he was staying in at the time of the dream, in Baja Mexico. There were military/police combing the area. He tried to lock the sliding-bolt-lock on the door, but it was too tight. The same lock, in real life was too tight, until he fixed it after the dream. The intruders entered the premises & started confiscating resources. They were upset, because a comforter they confiscated though clean, had been stained by his working dogs. Interesting times are ahead of us.

November, Vance wrote the article ...

FINAL 5 Empires

Concludes with Jesus' Eternal Kingdom

Prophesied by Daniel ~550 BC

The article confirms how God through the scriptures, told us through Daniel around 550 BC, about the Final 5 Major Empires & their specific events, from then until now & beyond, confirmed by Jesus in the gospels, Paul in his epistles & John in Revelation. The article confirms that the scriptures of God have, are & will be accurate, to the very end - thus, we are all destined to an eternity of extreme pleasure or anguish, beyond our imagination. The article brings together numerous entities & events, past & present, that make it clear we are truly in the end times, approaching Armageddon.

Global persecution of Christians, especially in the Middle East is growing exponentially. The Mark of the Beast is upon us. When fully implemented, will bring about the Great Tribulation-Persecution, then the Rapture of Christians (1st Resurrection), the Wrath of God, then Armageddon, the Millennial Kingdom of Jesus, the Battle of Gog & Magog, the destruction of the earth, the White Throne Judgment of all people not part of the 1st Resurrection, the eternal New World with the New Jerusalem - where we who accept Jesus & endure to the end shall live with The Father, Jesus & Holy Spirit ... forever & ever ... amen & amen. For more scriptural detail of these events & their chronology ... 


10 Final Events, by Jesus, Paul & John (~30-100 AD)    

Amazing how, man fears the temporary consequences of corrupt man, more than the eternal consequences of a Holy God, as Jesus told us.  

Vance's take, "If I prevail on my present journey, I have nothing to declare but …



Pertaining to … 1987 dream/vision – an angel at ceiling level, pointing down at Vance, in his bed, telling someone, that

Vance was anointed & appointed”

He woke up feeling the intense warmth of God’s presence.

During recent reconsiderations of that experience, the connotation of the term 

“APPOINTED” has gained relevance, in defining the purpose of the "ANOINTING" … giving the impression, that THE PURPOSE OF THE ANOINTING, WILL PREVAIL – NOT by seeking a following, rather by serving the few seeking to understand what is happening & provide wisdom, as to how to respond ... in harmony with pointing people to Jesus.

Seeking a large following, in this generation, at this time, exposes one to much manipulation & one's ministry, to infiltration.

It saddens me to say this, but most large ministries, even where the founders had the best intentions, they have been infiltrated & influenced by demonic manipulation ... after the passing of the founders, the next generation or shortly there after, that ministry is often spiritually tainted, contrary to God's purpose.

It is not productive, to be anti-large ministry, however, it is a time to be spiritually diligent, humble & not seek acceptance ... a time not to dismiss what may be considered minor spiritual principals, rather, observe them, as Jesus stated, "Those not concerned about the little issues, will not address the larger principles." Not that they will not observe the larger principles, but likely for wrong motives.

For instance, one might take $1, but not $10,000, not because of moral conviction, rather, because of minor versus major consequence.

Our generation exists in a time when a forceful resolve is necessary ... by many ... if grave disaster is to be avoided - a disaster that is imminent, but can be generationally avoided - pushed back a generation, the next generation having the same option. God in His word has declared terminal events for this end times generation, not because it is His will, but because He foreknew the eventual degradation of mankind, consequential to their disobedience to His good advice. God not giving dates, when He knows when, is because it will happen to the generation that crosses the line of moral degradation deserving of such consequences, not because of an arbitrary chose of God - the end times calamity about to happen, will happen because of society, not God, though God foretold it.

Getting a speeding ticket, according to Hoyle, not a corrupt cop, is because we deserved it, not because the cop wanted to give it to us. This end times generation is going to bring calamity upon itself, not because God wants it, but because that generation won't listen to reason.

Though a bad situation is imminent, because of an inevitable lacking of a large enough appropriate response ... an individual may make the best out of it. Many prophets, as Daniel, were blessed in circumstances horrific to the general population, because they honored God, when the majority did not. Revelation 12: 6, 11 & 14-17, reveals that God will provide for his faithful ones, during the times of immense persecution on the horizon.

There is an horrific event about to happen, that each generation can postpone for their generation, that is eventually inevitable to a final generation, of this dispensation ... preceding a better dispensation in Christ's Kingdom, which will supersede in the end

 Salvation may not be at issue here, however … BEING PREPARED … for what God told us is going to happening … IS AT STAKE !!!


REVELATION (Apocalypse) a book of VISIONS,  is the last book of the Bible, because it foretells the FINAL EVENTS which are unfolding before our very eyes. The book forewarns us of an evil, dictatorial GLOBAL RULING SYSTEM, now in process, which will soon culminate with a Global Leader, a Bio-identity Tracking System, likely a microchip etc.

For decades now, those warning us of an impending ONE WORLD ORDER, have been labeled, 'Wacky conspiracy theorists, who must also believe in little green martens.' However, now numerous influential identities have & are advocating a New World order.

Such statements have increased exponentially since 911; blatantly confirmed publicly, in this 2 ½ minute video …

Obama, Bush, Clinton, Kissinger speak of New World Order   2:39   – the PEOPLE have been blinded by their leaders.

Consider, Jesus’ own people, cried, "CRUCIFY HIM,having been blinded by their leaders.

The image of Christianity has been tainted … by the present leaders.

Global persecution of Christians is on the rise – the media minimizing coverage of the persecution. 


The people then, allowed themselves to be deceived by their leaders, thus rejected their advocate (Jesus) – thus, their advocate was killed (crucified), then ...

40 YEARS AFTER JESUS WAS CRUCIFIED, the Roman army DESTROYED JERUSALEM & THE TEMPLE – the people thereof, slaughtered.

The people now, allow themselves to be deceived by their leaders (secular & Christian),

thus rejecting their advocates (those exposing the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda) – thus their advocates will be killed.

AFTER THEIR ADVOCATES ARE KILLED/apprehended, their enemy, the 

NEW WORLD ORDER will cause the remainder to live under tyranny. Those rejecting the Bio-electric Identity System (microchip etc.), will be TERMINATED/apprehended, as their advocates were. Those who accept the Bio-electric Identity System (microchip etc.) will live under tyranny, and then ultimately be “tormented with fire. … forever & ever” (Rev. 14: 9-11), which is “the 2nd death” (Rev. 20: 10, 14-15).

Neither God nor I advocate anarchy or disrespect/rebellion against legitimate authorities, in matters that do not oppose Jesus (the ultimate authority). We are not to submit to an authority, in matters of rebellion against God. We must all seek God individually & collectively. It is not a time to neglect hearing our authorities, rather a time to verify not just what they are telling us, but what they are omitting & what is their actual intent. Then compare what is, or not, against scripture. Obey God 1st, man 2nd.

As then, so it is now, if the people continue to irresponsibly neglect to apprise themselves of what is happening … they will again, repeat history … by allowing themselves to be deceived by their leaders (secular & Christian) … the people will assist their enemy destroy those falsely labelled problematic … who are attempting to assist the people …ultimately the people being destroyed by their enemy, that the people assisted in gaining control.


THE WORLD IS IN RAPID DECLINE, purposely engineered by the world's elite, who convince the general public that it is their, the public's fault, for choosing wrong choices, when the only options provided were wrong, ultimately imposed upon them, economically & lawfully, by the same elite that accuse them. This of course is accomplished with much deception. However, the truth is reasonably available to those who care to know.


No matter what your belief or social preferences

In spite of all the knowledge, technology & amenities



We can allow ourselves to be,

Un/intentionally distracted.

No matter how much propaganda,

The world is getting worse.


Each generation of social – technological advancement,

Considered constructive ... rather destructive,

Promises improvement … yet, produces damage,

Under the guise of liberality … enslaves us;

The work of hypocrites.


We must take it upon to ourselves to ... break free,

From our contemporary perspectives,

Look at both sides of the current issues;

Thus objectively re-evaluate ... with a "TRUELY" scientific perspective.















Perhaps it is time to clean the closet of our mind?

Keep what can be proved … discard what can be disproven.

What cannot yet be proved or disproved, should be put on the shelf, for future evaluation.

Potentially critical issues should be evaluated 1st.


Scientifically (no degree necessary) evaluate what is truly happening.

STOP the elite from intimidating us,

With contemporary mottos that belittle us.


Endorsed by professionally corrupted opinions,

Promoted as facts = science, falsely so called, 1 Timothy 6:20.


TRUE SCIENCE relative to their own definition 

Is realistically observing & evaluating the evidence

Without emotion, to avoid triggering preconceived opinions


Then conclude on each BIAS:

 TRUE - if there is substantial data 

Of which 95%+ supports the BIAS.

Conclude, but keep an open mind, to new information, as we are human & fallible.


Information, proven to be of God (scripture), is absolute fact.

Reasonably question our comprehension & application.

However, avoid questioning the obvious, with confusion, which obstructs actualizing God’s intent.


 Less than 95% = INCONCLUSIVE


It is extremely prudent not to conclude below this level. However, when a decision dependent on the information related to the BIAS, is required, because a non-answer will have a wrong effect; one can make a decision somewhat proportionate to the below formula. It should be understood that the decision is a calculated (educated) guess – thus, it is prudent to, make such decisions conservatively.


75% = probably

55% = possibly


45% = unlikely

25% = probably not

5% = FALSE




We are approaching ominous times, to believe those in power have our best interest in mind, is naive at best.

The Founding Fathers of the USA declared, ‘Relinquishing freedom for safety, will actuate neither.’

A consequential intentional motive & outcome of 911, was the Patriot Act,

which grossly intruded on Americans' freedom;

under the guise of sacrificing freedom for safety,

contrary to the intent of the Founding Fathers.

Land of the free, home of the brave ...

not anymore, otherwise the people would do what their Founding Fathers did to Britain.               

The Founding Fathers further declared …

‘When the government fears the people, there is freedom. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny - already happening.   


Suspecting conspiracy in all dubious circumstances is unstable.

Never considering conspiracy is naive.

It is how much conspiracy - not all or none.

The INSIDERS are at odds trying to hide or expose conspiracy.


A USA & global overthrow is being orchestrated, by the elite.

Tactics include populous dummying-down, social moral depravity, insatiable desires & the loathing of self & others.

Venues include tainted education, pseudo-unity religion, the changing of laws & global corporatism, internet abuse, excessive entertainment.

Catalysts include polluting the environment, inevitably polluting our persons, via:

  • the air; by auto & industrial pollutants, radio & microwaves, etc. & now chemtrails, full of nano-aluminum & other toxic elements - all scientifically proven to be biologically harmful.  

  • the water; by chlorination & fluoridation, not to mention industrial & residential waste - all scientifically proven to be biologically harmful.

  • the food; by toxic pesticides, artificial fertilizers, removing vital nutrients by refining & processing of food, adding preservatives, artificial colors, flavors & other effects - all scientifically proven to be biologically harmful.

Under the guise of   ‘A nation under Law’   &   ‘A World under Law’    through complex corruption, the laws are being unlawfully changed … where the law itself is corrupt – which matters not to those unconscionably involved. Their interest is to deceive & manipulate the people into relinquishing their rights, via new unlawfully created laws. Unlawfully, in that they are not created in the light, rather in the dark; not accountable to the public, rather behind their backs; the public being deceived by twisted terminology & omissions; thus the peoples representatives are misrepresenting the people; abusing the trust they have been given.


Literally, treason is being committed, right in the public's face, they being so dummied down, they don't see it or don't do anything about it, even not wanting to see it.

"What can I do" or "I can't do anything" are common responses. Paul revere, could have done nothing by himself, but by simply informing others, a collective was formed & the Americans were ready when the British arrived. 


God's word, warns us, to warn people of impending peril, we are clean, regardless of the outcome, however, if we do not warn the people & they are harmed, we are accountable. As a collective, with God's help, we can overcome incredible circumstances ... i.e., when Moses lead God's people out of Egypt, God destroyed Pharaoh & his army in the Red sea, for pursuing Israel; David with God, killed the giant Goliath - faith & action is required during tough times. We are to do what we can & trust God for the rest.

Better to die trying, than taken captive, for lack of effort.

As the Founding Father, Patrick Henry said, "Give me liberty or give me death."

The USA is the global principal national, having primary global international influence. Thus, has the greatest responsibility. The majority of the those who fought for the establishment of the USA & the freedom it represented were Christians, with a minority who were pseudo-Christians covertly representing a nefarious agenda that is finally maturing in its purpose.

The USA was created a Christian based  Republic, under the God of the Bible, not a democracy, under the gods of the world; was established by the original, primarily Christian 13  colonies, who fought off the oppressive British Empire.

Though it be true, that a number of the most influential Founding Fathers were not true Christians, naive or purposeful ...

THE MAJORITY OF THE SUPPORTING POPULOUS WERE CHRISTIANS who sincerely partook in establishing the USA, as they were informed & lead to believe.




Thus the government was not to make any law dictatorial to the church. There is no statement saying the church was not to influence the government, as that would be illogical; as the nation & its people, were to be under God & the government under the people.


The USA Republic declared the people (under God) to be the final authority.


The people were to bear arms, to keep the government subordinate.

The government was to fear the people, not the people to fear the government.


Freedom of religion, did not include religions of demons offensive to God.


Freedom of speech, did not include pornography & the like, which is offensive to God.


However, under the influence of the Jesuits ... the Illuminate & Masons being covertly involved, with the Christians, in the birthing of the USA ... & would over time, eventually, internally transform the nation into an anti-Christian Democracy, which would eventually turn on its own people. Originally, the USA was  blessed of God, because the people honored His word.

1784, 230+ years ago, God warned the world, about the Illuminate's 200 year plan for a global government, using the USA as the primary instrument ... (see 5:51 video). Over time, the nefarious seeds of Lucifer, through the Jesuits, Illuminate, Masons & other related entities would infiltrate, corrupt & pervert most if not all significant entities of the USA, from education, to churches, other religions, business, politics, intelligence, the military & the media. As the culture became perverted God's presence & influence has receded & demonic presence & influence has increased, becoming anti-Christian & pro-degenerate.

The USA became the globally predominant nation, able to bless many countries on behalf of God, leading many to Jesus.

However, the dark side, through the Jesuits, Illuminate, Masons & related entities, also used the USA, with other prominent countries, to form the UNITED NATIONS, whose headquarters is in New York, NY, USA, under the guise of world peace. The UN is a principle element in the elite plan for a global government, that will enslave the world, as prophesied by Daniel, on behalf of God, ~550 BC.

Separation of church & state is a deception, later created by Jesuit, Illuminati, Masonic & related influences, through illogical reasoning, made to appear as logical, mostly by omission. They used atrocities, perpetrated by entities against or falsely representing the God of the Bible, as reasoning to separate the true God entities from government. How can an entity be subject to God, yet not allow God access - dah.

The USA government has become corrupt & was/is in process of an internal take over;  the USA is at war with Islamic Muslim terrorists, yet had a Muslim president, who declared they will never be at war with Islamic Muslims, also that the fabric of the United States was shaped by Muslims, he praised the Koran, mocked the Bible, yet professed to be a Christian when he ran for presidency - OUTRAGEOUS !!!   But true. There have been changes, what will conclude ... if change ... how much ... how long? 

The corrupt liberal & conservative media has withheld truth & promoted lies to assist this agenda. The general public is deceived, thinking they are appropriately informed by what they believe to be their media & falsely represented by what they believe to be their government. Said liberal & conservative media & government is actually owned by those perpetrating the present atrocities.

The liberal & conservative government is aiding & abetting or at the least, shutting up or just saying enough to give the impression they are attempting to do something. The people believe the government is to represent them, yet the government officials are obligated to those who contributed the $ to get them elected, who represent the people perpetrating the present atrocities.

A globalization of government is in progress ... people more & more, are subject to global laws & courts.

The global ruling system is corrupt, as it is controlled by the same people who control the USA government & other national governments.

You can hope you are out of here before it gets too bad … if so, what are you leaving the next generation. Not much of an issue to this generation that is more concerned about self, than others – as previous generations, not realizing, if we do not help others in their time of need, there will be no one to help us, in our time of need.

To help others understand these ominous times, under God, we are not to try & get them to believe us, but to believe the truth.

If those who know us, are unlikely to believe us, as Jesus declared in ...

Mat 13:57  And they were offended in him. But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honor, save in his own country, and in his own house. 

Then those closest to us, as our family & friends are often the most difficult to communicate heavenly originated messages.

In these corrupt & perverted times, it is difficult to gain the attention of many in the world, who are not only preoccupied, but so entrapped in their worldly desires, that the moment they think they may have to relinquish some of these activities, that are unbeknownst destroying them, they stop listening - unwilling to even consider, there is an eternity of eternal extreme pleasure or anguish at stake.

Many professing Christians, church going or not, have accommodated the world, under the pretext of evangelizing, so much so, that instead, they have been evangelized by the world - not just individuals, but whole churches.

Thus; instead of them only listening to us, let us provide, or direct them to information that will help inform them of how to comprehend … what was … what is … & what is going to happen (with no dates):







men wrote what they were told, not what they thought ...

read RealityCheq article.

     This Apologetics article,

can help honest people see the truth that so easily avoided them.






Ψ   A 2 page BIBLICAL OVERVIEW  from Genesis to Revelation







Ψ  What Made the USA Great ???

Ψ  Moral - Majority

Ψ  911 Brief




    ~95 AD?



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