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Miracles & Healings

All prayers mentioned below are in the name/authority of Jesus.

Anyone falling by prayer was not pushed or caught by a 3rd person.


I have seen many people instantly healed, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Many were healed over time. Many receive their healing in heaven. Many do not receive their healing. Many people are confused, many get intimidated & many just do not want to understand or even hear about healing. Bad experiences have discouraged, even angered people, concerning this topic. We live in a generation that is more & more embracing of occult supernatural experiences, while rejecting heavenly supernatural experiences. Adding to the perplexity is is a trend of melding the two, thus interchanging the perception of both.

The consideration of miracles intensifies positive/negative reactions to this inclusive topic, in a generation that pride-fully asserts itself as being open minded. The now youth are being offered to the occult, through intrigue, under the guise of entertainment.

My focus here is my personal experience with heavenly orientated healings & miracles, contrary to the powers of darkness. While I myself have been perusing the manifestation of my own healing of paraplegia, for 28+ years (since 1985), I have been healed of many lesser issues & a number of very serious issues – instantly & over time.

In this article, I primarily share my personal experiences related to, rather than teach about Miracles & Healings.


Several months after breaking my back, a few months after reading the New Testament for myself, subsequently awakening to the true nature of God, the temporal world & an impending eternity of extremely positive or negative consequences … my need of forgiveness … given to me, per my request, by none other than Jesus Christ, himself. I was in the G. F. Strong Rehabilitation Center cafeteria for supper. After contemplation, I asked the Lord, why it had taken something as drastic as a broken back, for me to get saved, when I did not recollect resisting Christianity, rather not comprehending. I felt impressed to look up & around at the others, in similar tragic circumstances as myself. In my mind was a clear, “Be thankful you’re getting it, most of the others, still aren’t getting it.”   PRAISE JESUS!


At the end of January, I was baptized in the G. F. Strong Rehabilitation Center swimming pool. The next day was a record breaking rain, hard & continuous all day.  About 4:00 pm, I was in the cafeteria talking to a brother having struggles in his Christian walk. A middle aged German man, exiting the cafeteria said something in my direction. I said, “Excuse me.” He said, “You have connections,” pointing up, inferring heaven, “Have Him,” inferring God, “Shut off the water.” Feeling the presence & inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I quipped back, “What time do you want the rain to stop?” Surprised, he asked, “What?” I repeated, “What time do you want the rain to stop?” He looked at his watch, “5:30.” I responded, “Look outside at 5:30.” It stopped raining at 5:30. About 9:00 pm, I entered the cafeteria & was getting a cup of hot chocolate. I see the German fellow, sitting with a bunch of guys.

He looks up at me, “YOU CERTAINLY DO HAVE CONNECTIONS!”   Praise Jesus! 

I was discharged from rehabilitation about February 20th to a half-way complex, for disabled persons.

One night, I was extremely tired & just getting in bed. I heard a neighbor young woman scream. I said, “Lord, I am tired … but if she screams again, I’ll get up.” She screams louder. I get up & go next door. While we are talking, she collapses on the floor & shortly thereafter, I find myself talking to 13 demons. Being led by the Holy Spirit, I realized, in the name of Jesus Christ, I have authority over the demons. I interrogate each of them, to find out how they gained authority to influence her life – through her acquaintances, thoughts & actions.

I use the word “interrogate,” as one does not want to slip into associating with demons. Worse yet, seeking information, other than directly related to the issue at hand. Demons know much more than us humans. In such situations, there is an inclination to seek other information.

Do not go there … any truth given will be tainted … further involvement will lead to deception & potentially strong demonic influence (obsession), referred to as “demon possession.”

Seeking information from such “FAMILIAR SPIRITS,” is the art of SORCERY.

Demons never own us or have absolute control of our will. They influence us in ways that appear irresistible, according to our personal world view perspective.

This is why there is now a Great Divide between a Biblical or Secular based education.

Secular teaching added to a Biblical foundation, guided Western Culture to grand achievements. Secular teaching contradicting the Biblical foundation is now destroying what was achieved.

Then I demanded to speak to the woman. She regained consciousness, I informed her about what was happening & she confirmed what the demons had told me & more. I advised her to repent of the negative past involvements & ask God through Jesus for forgiveness. She complied. I requested authority to speak to the demons again. She slipped back into unconsciousness & the demons manifested again. I informed them of what they already knew; that she has repented & asked Jesus for forgiveness & thus they must go. They left, she regained consciousness & her persona & appearance changed from what used to give me what my generation called, the EBEEJEEBES … to a wonderful person. She stopped associating with negative demonic influences & started connecting with Jesus affiliations. She was a new person. When she prayed, I myself was convicted.   PRAISE JESUS!

God actually spoke through her & directed me to attend Hope Reformed Church, Vancouver, BC Canada; the church that I still stay in touch with, to this day, no matter where I am travelling.   PRAISE JESUS!

Over time, she started associating with some of her old acquaintances … eventually, drifting away from Christ Jesus. She became black again, drifting away from Christian fellowship, activities & ultimately despising me.

Eventually she hit bottom again. Tormented by demons, she came over to my place & pleaded for help. She again collapsed, this time in my kitchen. In the name of Jesus, I again commanded the demons to be in obedience.

During this intervention one demon accused me of some small infraction in my past. I was inclined to refute. Besides, who is a demon to accuse anyone? However, I caught myself, then looked up to heaven & said, “Sorry Lord Jesus,” concerning the accusation. I looked down & the demon had nothing more to say. 

Another demon spoke in Shakespearean English.

After dealing with one demon, a demon of jealousy piped up, “How come you spoke to him so long.” I replied, “I’m sorry.” He responded, “No you’re not.“ What could I do but LAUGH.

She repented & asked Jesus for forgiveness again, ultimately being delivered.   PRAISE JESUS!

We repeated this cycle several times. I became so sensitive to demonic activity; I had to refrain from perceiving demonic activity in many people & behind any tree. If demonic forces cannot blind you to their activity, they will try to make you hypersensitive.

On another occasion, I was almost duped into believing God was speaking through her, again. The spiritual presence did not quite seem right. Because I was not sure, I was uncomfortable because I did not want to call a demon God, or on the flip side, call God a demon. So I redirected the conversation, so I could naturally ask an incognito question, where I knew only God would know the answer (what I was thinking). The initial response to my question was an inappropriate silence, at which point I said, “Gotcha.” The demon fled. This was a very valuable lesson, in testing the spirit, in questionable situations.   PRAISE JESUS!

After several cycles, she came to me for deliverance, but the Holy Spirit had me tell her, “You know what you need to do, it is up to you. I am not your God.”   PRAISE JESUS!  

Just before Halloween, a sister in Christ & myself, were directed to go to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to pray for & over the city. We were led to a cemetery, where many occultists were known to gather on Halloween & do rituals. We prayed their assembling would be a failure. A following news paper article stated that, due to the appearance of photographers at the cemetery on Halloween, the occultists vacated their rituals.  PRAISE JESUS!

I was going to bed one evening. My stomach was hurting. I started to pray for my stomach, & had a revelation that it was not me, but someone else. I asked the Lord, “Who?” I was given the name of a brother, from church. I phoned him & sure enough it was him. I prayed & he was healed.   PRAISE JESUS!

I was asked to do a bible study for the 1st time. After praying I was led to do a study on Prodigal son, Luke 15: 11-32. I had prepared the message in depth & was fully prepared, only to get to the study & have God redirect me, not using any of the information prepared. In fact, it was not until years later, that God had me present the study, in a different group, spontaneously.   PRAISE JESUS!

I prayed for a friend’s 70ish year old mother, who was walking with a cane, due to an injured hip, from a car accident, 10 years previous. After which, she put down the cane & RAN around a little garden 3 times.   PRAISE JESUS!  


I was leaving an early Morning Prayer session, headed for a meeting up the street. It was pouring down rain. I was going to be soaked before I got half way up the street. I prayed for the rain to stop. It did not. I was going to be late, so I started on my way. Amazingly, it was raining all around me, but not on me, as if there was an invisible umbrella over me. I got to my destination, totally dry.   PRAISE JESUS!

At an early Morning Prayer session, a Pastor’s wife was ill. I prayed for her & she was instantly healed.   PRAISE JESUS!

June 1st Vance started an indefinite fast. About a week later he found out his uncle was in the hospital, dying of Multiple Myeloma, a bone cancer. He was confined to bed, with a broken right upper arm (humorous), from the cancer, thus in a sling, not a cast, because it would not heal – it was decaying. After 47 days, Vance broke the fast. About 2 weeks later he fasted for another 2 weeks. During the last day, he had a dream of his uncle, sitting in a wheelchair, with a cross on his right upper arm. About 2 days later, he visits his uncle … he was healed & out of bed, in a wheelchair recovering. With the previously broken arm, he shook Vance’s hand. Even the rotten bone was healed.   PRAISE JESUS!

During the 1st phase of the fast, a gentleman who was a participant of the early Morning Prayer group, while running, had a vision, that Vance was before an audience; he waved his hand in front of them & many of them fell. While this has not happened as of yet, shortly after the above fasting, he was at a Friday night gathering & when he turned around & looked at a young man, that man was forced back by the Spirit of God, which was emanating through Vance. The man said he just about fell from the force.

At that time, when Vance would enter his residence, he would feel the presence of God.

For weeks after he did not need more than 2-4 hours sleep per day.

At an evening independent group gathering, Vance prayed for a friend, who had 70% hearing loss, in one ear, from an elbow to that ear, while playing hockey, 17 years previous. Those present saw a flash of light leave his finger & enter the ear. The friend’s ear was completely healed. His hearing was now better in the healed ear, than the normal ear.  



A friend of Vance had the cornea of his eye damaged, from a piece of wire, at work, on a construction site. The emergency ward Doctor said, he may lose vision in that eye. He was sent home with a patch on the eye. The friend was requested to return to the emergency ward, the next day, to see a specialist. Vance prayed for his eye & attended the appointment, with him. The damaged eye tissue was healed, right while the doctor was inspecting it. He stepped back & said, “I think I just saw a miracle. But I do not believe in miracles.” When the friend came back to the waiting room, without the patch on his eye, totally healed, the other patients were in awe, to the point; you could have heard a pin drop. Having thought Vance & the friend were Christian freaks, they now were willing to hear the Gospel, plus asked advice on Bible reading.   PRAISE JESUS!     


While fasting, I was praying on the phone, for a woman’s back. I saw a vision of a demon on her back. In the name of Jesus, I commanded the demon to leave, and then commanded healing. The person was healed at that moment.  


Towards the end of the fast, I went to the store to get some food, for the end of the fast. When I re-entered the property of the apartment complex, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, very powerfully.

I did a group Bible Study, on healing, that was taped & transcribed. One day I got a Urinary Tract Infection. I fell asleep listening to the tape & then woke up, shortly thereafter, totally healed.   PRAISE JESUS!

During the 10 years of our Vancouver, BC, Canada ministry houses, numerous drug/alcohol addicted persons came to our houses, fell asleep on a couch, cushions on the floor or a bed, then woke up healed & delivered from those addictions, with no withdrawal symptoms.   PRAISE JESUS!


At a Bible Study I prayed for a hardened Jehovah’s Witness (occult) believer, who I was helping with his addiction issues. Jehovah’s witnesses do not believe Jesus is God. As I prayed, he fell on his butt, lifting his hands, proclaiming “Jesus is God.”   PRAISE JESUS! 

At another Bible Study, I prayed for another overweight woman, who was having a Continence problem.  She fell on her butt, & was instantly healed, of incontinence. Several years later we reconnected & she had lost most if not all of the excessive weight.   PRAISE JESUS!

One evening, at a Christian birthday celebration, in a Christian restaurant, I prayed for a young Christian sister, who had been blind since infancy. She was sensitive to light, but saw no images. I prayed for her & she started seeing images, though blurred. We put different objects on the table & asked her to pick up the objects we stated. She consistently got it right. When after washing her hands in the bathroom, she grabbed a paper towel, without groping to locate it, she was astounded.   PRAISE JESUS!

Early, summer, after a 35 day water fast, I prayed for a young lady in a wheelchair, with partial paralysis, from an auto accident. She was having a lot of pain. She could stand, with a back brace, but could not move her toes & walking was minimal, with support. After I prayed, she wiggled her toes, stood up, took off the back brace & could walk.  


One evening, shortly thereafter, I prayed for a young man on the front lawn of our main ministry house & he collapsed onto the ground. Then in the house I prayed for another person who collapsed in the main hall. PRAISE JESUS!

That autumn, I was praying for a Christian sister’s brother’s sprained ankle. I could sense her unbelief, so I tactfully asked her to leave the room; after which he was healed.   PRAISE JESUS!

Later that same fall, I was praying for a person’s healing, during a bible study. I sensed significant disbelief by persons in the room, so I privately prayed for him in the kitchen; during which he was healed.   PRAISE JESUS!


That spring, at one of our ministry houses, I prayed for a man with a serious 10+ years of cocaine & heroin addiction. I was lightly touching him; when he fell straight back, like a tree, the back of his head, hitting the carpet. He was unconscious, for about 20 minutes; waking up addiction free with no withdrawals.   PRAISE JESUS!

That spring I was going on what would end up, a 2 month fasting & prayer sabbatical. I had appointed a young man, to take the helm, during this time. Another young man said he would move out if I left that man in charge. He could not give me substantial rational, so I let him move out. At home, I heard a soft voice, from behind my right ear, “Remove that young man from leadership or else.” I doubted the source, as I could not come up with any rational – HOW FOOLISH I CAN BE! During my leave, he & one of our main drivers got into a minor accident, with a ministry van insured in my name. He got us kicked out of our best ministry house. We went from about 28 to 10 occupants. He obliterated our few thousand dollar surplus & messed up the accounting.

I got the reasoning how he should have been removed from leadership, the hard way.   PRAISE JESUS!

That summer my new 2nd in command, a Mexican gentleman, introduced me to a very large Native gentleman, who was drunk with a seriously damaged shoulder. This was an old injury & he could not lift his arm above shoulder height. I prayed for him. He was instantly sober & his arm was healed. We took him in, off the street. He was a nice cooperative individual. He did very well for couple months. I was talking to him one evening, on the front lawn. Something did not feel right. Eventually, I found out he is on psychotropic pills. Rather than cooperate with the situation, he chooses to leave. He was so rudely contentious, I felt led to point in his face & inform him, “God will deal with you.” A few weeks later, he returned one evening & tells me that for the next couple of weeks, he kept hearing my voice reiterate, “God will deal with you.” He finally apologized to Jesus & got his life right; he was even witnessing to others about Jesus. He said God had told him, he needed to apologize to me & that was the reason for his visit. I accepted his apology, having forgiven him, when the incident had happened. I asked him if he was staying anywhere. He said no. I asked him if he would like to stay. He was reluctant, but decided to stay the night. The next morning I & his friends tried to convince him to stay. He even told me that, when he thought of staying, he felt safe, & when he thought of leaving, he felt in jeopardy. He eventually left. The next day he was stabbed in the back with a knife & died. The next day’s News paper stating, ‘The bully of Hastings Street, killed by stabbing.’ The media was not aware of Jesus transforming him.  


In the spring time, on what was becoming, an annual time of taking a Fasting Sabbatical, I was doing the ministry annual accounting. The Bread of Life bank account books & the ministry accounting records were almost identical, yet the bank accounts showed an excess of $10,000.oo. After thorough evaluation, there was no earthly explanation.   PRAISE JESUS!

During my fasting, some issues were arising, pertaining to neighborhood youth. One evening, one of the ministry leaders picked me up at my apartment & drove me to the main ministry house. I spoke to a number of the youth inside the van. The time was very productive, but went very late. I was driven back to my place. I was exhausted, collapsing into bed. In a semi vision/dream state, I saw a middle aged Christian (retired pilot), who I really respected, say to me, something like ‘You have the Faith of Abraham.’ We need to receive encouragement, but not let it go to our head.   PRAISE JESUS!


I was in a cafeteria, in San Antonio, Texas. I met a man walking with a cane. I prayed for him. He put down the cane & ran around the cafeteria.   PRAISE JESUS!

Friday evening, September 2nd 1994, while talking to a police officer, I noticed he continually turner his shoulders when he turned his head, indicating a problematic neck. I asked him if he had a problem with his neck. He told me he was in an auto accident, a year previous, which injured his neck. I asked him if I could pray for him. He said yes. I prayed for his neck & it was immediately healed.   PRAISE JESUS!


In California, during May, I saw a girl limping. I asked her what was wrong with her leg. She said she had sprained her ankle. I asked her if I could pray for her.  She accepted. She was healed.   PRAISE JESUS!

May 31st, I flew from Southern California, back to the Bread of Life Ministry houses in Vancouver, BC Canada – ending a 10 month leave of absence. That day at the main house, I met a young native man who had a large cancer tumor on his chest. He wanted me to pray for him. I did & the tumor dissolved immediately. PRAISE JESUS!

For the next 5 years, I was ministering 16-20 hours per day, 7 days per week. God would lead me into a few hour or day oases, here & there. I also got a break when I ended up in the hospital with a urinary tract infection, which I occasionally could not overcome – most times, I was healed without medical intervention. PRAISE JESUS!

In my 10 month absence, things had gotten out of control & the demons had infested the properties. It took 6 months to get things stable & about a year before real progress began.

Within the 1st week or so, this Big Native guy came in to our main house, at the end of a morning Bible Study. His attitude being contentious, I nicely but firmly suggested he change his demeanor. His response was to get increasingly aggressive, until it was obvious that he was trying to threaten me. My typical response to such attempts at intimidation (several times now) is, “Do me a favor. Look at me. I’d rather be in heaven than here, especially like this. However, far be it, for me to encourage you, as that would make me an accomplice. I advise you to not attack me. Yet, I advise that if you start, you better finish. Because if I am still alive, I will have you put in jail. If you kill me, you will still have to deal with God, with or without the authorities.” He thought about it, then in rage … turned & left – the typical response. A month or so later we had a repeat.

We danced numerous times over the next 5 years. I took him in, off the street, a few times. One time he came at me with a knife, slashing my dog Rachel, in the side of the neck for protecting me. She was OK; he just missed the Juggler blood vessel. I stitched her up, with a suture kit, my wonderful doctor gave me. Months later, he wanted to come back. My condition was that he apologize to the dog, in front of everyone. He did.

Towards 2010, when I was in Reno, NV, I got a phone call from him. He talked to me about some extreme stuff, his son was going through. The key element is that he appears to have been doing well for going on about 10 years now. Previously, he had been in jail numerous times.

That 1995 summer, one of our ministry cars got stolen. A week or 3 later, I felt led to have an evening impromptu bible study. Towards the end, the phone rang. It was the police. Our car was abandoned (undamaged), in the middle of an intersection (out of gas), a few blocks away. I sent a new leader I was grooming, to get it. He felt so blessed, as he felt God was giving him an opportunity to redeem himself, from some similar past event, he had been involved in, on the wrong side of the equation.   

About the end of summer, a Native man staying with us with his wife came home, big time intoxicated. On the front porch, I politely told him he could not come in. He dragged me out of my chair & threw me down the stairs. When he came back sober & apologized I let him back in. Sometime after that I was in the kitchen dealing with him on some issue. His attitude was inappropriate. He was sitting in a chair. God decided to humble him, by causing him to urinate, while sitting there, in front of his wife & myself. He could not stop until his bladder was completely voided. There was a big urine puddle in the middle of the floor.


One morning, I was doing a Bible study, on persecution. Towards the end … a rock came through the front window.

In mid October, for about 2 weeks, the Holy Spirit would come upon me, in the morning Bible Study, causing me to be really tough on the group. I could sense that it was for good cause, but I was uncomfortable. I would pray that God would allow me to be gentler. Waking up & early into the session, all might seem OK, and then WAM … I would blast them! Whatever the Spirit was doing in whoever’s hearts came to an end, as it stopped.  

We took an old lady off the street one night. At the next morning’s Bible Study, I asked her if she had a passage of scripture, she would like us to cover. She suggested a passage on “The Last Supper.” Accordingly, we studied John chapter 13. When reading

Joh 13:21  When Jesus had thus said, he was troubled in spirit, and testified, and said, Verily, verily, I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me.

:25   …  Lord, who is it?   …

:26  Jesus answered, He it is, to whom I shall give a sop, when I have dipped it. And when he had dipped the sop, he gave it to Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon.   …

:30  He (Judas) then having received the sop went immediately out: and it was night.  

Judas went out & betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver … as prophesied by Zechariah & Jeremiah ~500 years before.

While we were studying that passage, 2 young guys appeared on the front porch. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that, one of those 2 guys had a Judas spirit. After the study, that guy came in & accosted me. He punched me, blackening my eye, ripped out some of my beard & pulled me out of my chair. This was the day before my 38th birthday.   PRAISE JESUS!

The devil was eventually evicted & the Holy Spirit took-up residency, again … The property became anointed; when approaching the property one could actually feel the anointing.  PRAISE JESUS!

In December I developed a pressure sore, so bad it needed surgery. Eventually, surgery was scheduled for July 1996. PRAISE JESUS!   7 months later, in July after a few days fast, my pressure sore was miraculously healed, just before I was scheduled for surgery.   PRAISE JESUS!


To the best of my recollection, since being Born-Again in 1985, I have spoken in error innumerably, in spite of strongly avoiding presumption. However, I have only intentionally, knowing misspoken a few times - under pressure, by not taking time to think before answering. All times of which I immediately corrected, except once. Under pressure, on the phone with my Doctor, I answered with a misstatement. The call ended abruptly, as I was realizing what happened. I was inclined to phone back, but it would have disrupted his office, for what was functionally, for him, irrelevant. It thus, only served clearing my conscience, on a matter he would have considered trivial. Thus I had to leave it alone. This is the only such incident, where I can remember not confessing & correcting such a matter. There may be some trivial exceptions.  

My mother passed away that summer. She believed in Jesus, yet lived as an alcoholic, most of her life. I hope she is with Jesus, not in that other place. How can people take eternity so lightly … when, believe it or not, there are only 2 options … that are so extremely + or .


In our ministry we permitted people to smoke outside, only. In November, I was prayerfully considering our lack of success addressing smoking addictions. Further, watching people scrounge for cigarette butts, from people they did not know, in dirty places, really troubled me. After discussions with others, I implemented a Smoking Program. I bought tobacco & provided ˝ a cigarette, up to 4 times per day. They were not to obtain any tobacco, other than what I provided. They were encouraged, but not forced to reduce & or eventually stop. The goal was, a total of 2 CLEAN whole cigarettes per day, a lot better than no control whatsoever. More people eventually quit, than ever before & virtually the rest were doing much better.   PRAISE JESUS!

A big unexpected bonus; I began to realize, many more people were coming off other serious addictions, such as cocaine & heroine, much easier than before – even people who did not smoke. I realized there is a general spirit of addiction that is connected with addictions generally. By controlling one area of addiction, you diminish the spiritual influence of addiction over other addictions.   PRAISE JESUS! 


November 2002, driving from Santa Ana, Southern California, to Reno, with my friend Jeff, we met a sister Christian, who had significantly damaged eyes, from insect poisoning. I felt inspired to pray for her, she agreed. We prayed for her & her eyes were healed. Her cat came over, she picked it up … she was amazed that she could see markings on its face, that she had never seen before.   PRAISE JESUS!


In June, I got 8 pressure sores, to the bone, on my left leg & foot. Hospital doctors in Reno, NV, determined I needed my leg amputated, under the knee. I flew back to Vancouver, B.C. Canada, where hospital doctors concluded the same thing. I decided I did not want my leg amputated, so they discharged me. I started a no food or water fast. Two mornings later, I had a dream to fast on grapefruit in the day, celery in the evening. Five days later, 6 AM, I awoke from a dream, where I unwrapped my leg & it was healed. That day when I went to a clinic, to have my dressings changed & the nurse un-wrapped my leg & foot, the flesh had miraculously filled in to the skin level, but no skin. That nurse, had never seen my sores before, so I asked her if the doctors would cut off a leg like that. She looked at me queer & said no. I knew Jesus had spared my leg, but it took 8 months for the skin to grow back.   PRAISE JESUS!


After 8 months of being sickly & numerous urinary tract infections as my leg & foot healed, from the pressure sores, I decided to go to Sacramento, California, where I had a urinary tract infection almost every other day … then I was miraculously healed of the urinary tract infections.   PRAISE JESUS!


In early September, one of my working dogs, Moses got sick & was diagnosed with kidney failure, at only 5 ˝ years old. I felt he was too young, to be euthanized. I slept with him on the floor, giving him interstitial fluid injections every few hours & feeding him with a large syringe - a mixture of herbs, nutrients & green powder mixed with fluids. Also, we went for multiple walk/runs per day. He became stabilized but was not getting better. About the end of the month, a Christian lady friend & I prayed for him & he was miraculous healed (totally?). He instantly devoured doggy treat rinds, when previously he would not eat steak. Right after eating, he ran with the other dogs pulling me in my wheelchair for the 1st time since he got sick. I started weaning him off the interstitial fluids. He was doing awesome.   PRAISE JESUS!

October 12th evening, I got a bad chill & got sick … my bladder ruptured … the next morning, my friend Jeff, found me semi-unconscious & phoned 911. The hospital surgeon, operated that night for 8 hours. I went into a coma. After 3 days the hospital told Jeff, to prepare for my demise, as it was unlikely that I would recover. While I was unconscious, Jesus asked me if I would like to go or stay. I knew I had not completed my task here, so I asked how long, if I stayed? I was told 13 years. Friday, October 25th at supper time, my eyes opened.

A couple days later, I had a dream, I was walking Moses. I momentarily turned away from him, as something had briefly caught my attention. When I turned back … he was gone … I woke up, with my heart in my belly.

On October 31st, I was discharged. Moses was off the interstitial fluids & doing awesome. Towards the end of November, 2 of my female dogs, went into heat, back to back. Moses would not eat or drink properly. Moses relapsed. He was back on the interstitial fluids & 1 on 1 walks & runs. In hindsight, I should have put him back on interstitial fluids, as a preventative, until after the females were out of heat – this was related to the late October dream, above.

One late afternoon, early December, Moses collapsed at a busy intersection. He was stone cold dead. No pulse, no heartbeat, no breathing, his eyes were a death stare & his tongue was hanging out, turning blue. No cars stopped. I said, “Lord, if this is it, he went doing what he loved – not suffering.” But I thought I should at least attempt to pray & bring him back. I did … initially nothing … then a cough … a 2nd cough … 3rd cough … his eyes opened. Minutes later, he was up walking.   PRAISE JESUS! 

I thought, for sure he was going to fully recover, that God had a purpose for him. The next morning, I had a dream … he was being injected in a foreleg, to be euthanized. I was confused, as this seamed contradictory to what happened the previous day. Though he was stable, I could not get him off the interstitial fluids again …     


Friday evening, early February, when I was giving Moses his interstitial fluid injection, he screamed in protest. If it was me, I would not want to be alive … I phoned & arranged for him to be euthanized, the next afternoon, at home … as in the early December dream. A DAY OF TEARS!

Uric acid from my October 2008, bladder rupture, having gotten into my abdomen, created scar tissue on my small intestine … eventually causing an intestinal blockage, requiring me to have surgery, removing 6-8” of my lower intestine, in the later spring of 2009. During recovery, it appeared they were going to have to re-operate. I said, “No,” & prayed … the next day they said I was fine. PRAISE JESUS!


Early summer, in Reno, a middle aged, big burly man was introduced to my friend Jeff & me, by a 3rd party. He came to visit us in the evening. He told us he was going blind in both eyes, from traumatic injury to his corneas. In front of about a ˝ dozen persons, I prayed for him. The sun had gone down & it was dark. He said, he should not drive, but did contrary to advice. Twenty minutes later, he phoned, euphorically exclaiming, “I CAN SEE … I CAN SEE!” His next visit to his doctor confirmed, he was indeed healed.   PRAISE JESUS!


In Ensenada, a sister & I prayed for an older man’s hearing … he came back the next morning, proclaiming he was healed.   PRAISE JESUS!


Reno, I & a sister prayed for a man who suffered substantial hearing loss in 1 ear, because of trauma to the head. He was instantly healed.   PRAISE JESUS!



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The peace of God be with you !!!




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