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911 Brief

- Confusion Made Simple -


Suspecting conspiracy in all dubious circumstances is unstable.

Never considering conspiracy is naive.

It is how much conspiracy - not all or none.

The INSIDERS are at odds trying to hide or expose conspiracy.


Obviously, conspiracy happens. People have been imprisoned for conspiracy. The people have been conditioned to think people commit conspiracy BUT government does not - government is people. It is not "if"  but "how much" conspiracy. It is time to start listening to facts not propaganda.  1st lesson;  those using 'conspiracy' in a derogatory context are  part of the problem - ignorant pawns or purposeful perpetrators of conspiracy.

When evaluating sensitive issues it is imperative to stay calm to maintain objectivity; premature emotions are dangerous. Let the facts "prove beyond a reasonable doubt." Choose 1/2 to a dozen facts that are clear to anyone not in denial. Do not get distracted by the numerous points arguable by either side. Then choose 2-3 of the clearest facts that anyone with a reasonable IQ can easily comprehend - that only a fool or liar would try to dispute.

911 conundrum: ONE SIDE of the conspiracy debate avoided the most obvious simple facts - yet 'their' experts via the media & internet presented complex text & animated theories, sensationally convincing but in fact unsubstantiated.


9/11/01 ... 2 airliners flew into the World Trade Center (WTC) - 'Twin Towers' designed to withstand such events & burning jet fuel may have melted steel girders that melt at temperatures much higher than burning jet fuel … causing the upper floors to collapse in a pancake fashion. Over 100 floors coming down in a perfect  demolition-like implosion  within the building footprints without sliding off at least 1 side is extremely dubious. These were 2 modern towers designed to withstand severe earthquakes & air collisions. Demolition experts are paid big $ to engineer such coincidences.   

WTC Twin Towers Videos

9-11 WTC 1st Plane Crash into North Tower - 8:46 am   0:44 seconds

9-11 WTC 2nd Plane Crash into South Tower - 9:03 am   0:21 seconds

WTC South Tower Collapse - 9:59 am   0:44 seconds

WTC North Tower Collapse - 10:28   0:35 seconds


911 Twin Towers - Firefighters suspect bomb in lobby & bombs ...   1:55 minutes 


The Pentagon strike is even more dubious getting comparatively little media attention. Pictures taken of the HOLE in the side of the building at the time the firemen were dousing the flames BEFORE that section caved in may have accommodated the fuselage. But ...

 where are the huge wings & huge engines.  Where the wings & engines would have hit the side of the building there was no damage (not even broken windows). Also the wings & engines were not lying on the ground outside the hole that would have sheared them off.  I do not think a bag lady carted them off for scrap metal that quickly.

Pentagon Videos

Professional Airline Pilots Analyze Pentagon Strike ... THE EXPERTS AGREE ... a Boeing 757 did not hit the Pentigon   6:12 minutes

BOEING 757 evidence contradictions at the Pentagon -A   5:32 minutes

BOEING 757 evidence contradictions at the Pentagon -B   2:13 minutes


The clincher - WTC building 7 ... so damaging to the official government-media story, it has been a media blackout, post 9/11/2001...

 95% of Americans are not aware that  a 3rd building, WTC 7 (47 stories high), also came down in a perfect freefall implosion, within its building footprint  … almost 7 hours after the twin towers. No plane hit WTC 7 and only minimal debris could have touched it, as the 2 towers perfectly imploded within their footprints  over 300 feet away.  Buildings 6 & 5, which did not collapse, shielded building 7 from the 2 towers. 

The BBC reported WTC 7 collapsed 20 minutes before it did - how?

Blamed, were a few small fires? Small fires do not collapse steel buildings -  Thermate demolition explosives do!

WTC 7 Videos

BBC reported WTC building #7 had collapsed 20 minutes before it happened   3:07 minutes 

                         .... if hyperlink fails, click or copy & paste, the following link     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltP2t9nq9fI 

WTC 7 Freefalling as if demolitioned almost 7 hrs after the Twin Towers   1:22 minutes

Notice the absence of any significant fire or external damage, that would have been caused, if hit by significant debris from the towers.

Further, Larry Silverstein, building 7 owner, blundered, as he acknowledged, the order was given to, "PULL IT" ... a demolition term, used to detonate the explosives, used in demolitions. The building comes down in a perfect implosion form - the roof sags in the center & the building caves in on itself.

How many months do you think it took, to plan & execute such a large scale demolition, in a metropolitan area. Even if it could be done in a day, it would take much longer to plan. How could even the best demolitions team execute in several hours, without days/weeks/months of preparation.

Thermite + Sulfur = Thermate = DEMOLITION by Professor Steven Jones   6:O9 minutes

Thermate was found at the WTC cite.


Are we the public … unstable fear mongers or naïve ostriches ?

Anything but a 'Boeing 757' hit the the side of the pentagon ... & WTC building 7, did not come down because of an air strike or the 2 towers falling on it. The most dubious events get the least political & media attention.


So Help Me Understand ?

Conclusive WTC Towers Videos

9/11 Understanding - Crash Course #1 of 4   7:35 minutes

9/11 Understanding - Crash Course #2 of 4   8:32 minutes

9/11 Understanding - Crash Course #3 of 4   8:03 minutes

9/11 Understanding - Crash Course #4 of 4   7:00 minutes


Whoever are responsible, know the public would rather believe a lie, than be called, "conspiracy freaks."

The 'freaks' are the public majority. Public poll shows  a majority (82% = 246 million): including hundreds of professionals - engineers, professors, scholars, scientists, doctors, PhD's, military brass, pilots & firemen  believe the government was involved in 911.

Video: You're not alone, " - 911 Was An Inside Job."   5:36 minutes




Approximately ½ of the presidents have been Masons. Washington DC is fashioned after Masonic symbols which also adorn the American currency. Bush Sr., Bush Jr. & John Kerry supposedly belonged to Scull & Bones at Yale. How naïve or cowardly is a people that allows its government to be controlled by secret societies rather than be childishly labeled, "CONSPIRACY FREAKS." Apparently, Obama,  is a Muslim, associated with VERY questionable people, including Bill Ares, who in 1969 co-founded the Weather Underground, a self-described communist revolutionary group that bombed public buildings (including police stations, the U.S. Capitol Building, and the Pentagon) during the 1960s and 1970s.


The 2012 presidential campaign is likely a Muslim vs. a Mormon. 


The Federal Reserve, created 1913, is not federal, rather International Bankers, who supposedly, print money out of air, by loaning money to the government & others; the loan becomes the asset, for the loan/$ printed; the loan is paid back with (Compounded) Interest).


The International Bankers made a fortune, creating the economic crash, by ripping off the public, then the government bails them out with public $.


 The people's $ is being given to the banks who continue to screw …



Who really is in control & what is the real agenda?

I will not profess to know more than I do but I will not ignore what is obvious.

Too many coincidences are unlikely coincidences.

Don’t think too loud … you may be labeled … ‘Conspiracy Freak.’


The government is derived from & by the people. When we the people realize our own immorality - we the people will realize the monster government we have created.  

A country that professes to be under God, yet …

Pornography is free speech & expression,

Homosexuality is an alternative lifestyle

But God’s Word is contraband.  DUH!


Consider this Oxymoron:

Ø     Democrats say they are for the poor - yet they are against God.

Ø     Republicans say they are for God - yet they are against the poor.

To be for God you have to be for the poor & to be for the poor you have to be for God.


This article is obviously just the tip of the proverbial ‘End Times’ … ICEBERG - that is melting because of ‘Global Warming.’ Another ‘Good Crisis’ that the government will be sure not to waste, by implementing ‘Carbon Taxes.’


 By the way … have you made your appointment to have that ‘microchip’ implanted?  



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The peace of God be with you !!!




Copyright © 2004-2013   Dr. Vance Coan   *

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