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1957: Born in Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver, British Columbia (B.C.), Canada:                                                                         

  • Brought up agnostic.
  • Taught evolution in public schools.
  • Best courses were Math & Chemistry.

 1976: Grade twelve graduate:

  • Grades 8 – 10, straight A’s.
  • Grades 11 – 12, B average < Unstable family issues involving alcoholic parent; Vance lived on his own in grade 12.
  • 1976 B.C. High School Wrestling Champion. (Team M. V. P.)



1976-8: U.B.C. (Arts-Sciences-Wrestling):

  • Wrestling –

·       Outstanding Freshman.

·       National Champion.

·       Canadian Pan-American Team to Quito, Ecuador, South America. 

1978-82: Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (C. M. C. C.), Toronto, Ontario:

  • Graduated in top 5-10 % of class as a Doctor of Chiropractics.
  • Specialty in Athletic Therapeutics.
  • Rugby; C.M.C.C. & Toronto Lions - Full-Back & Trainer.  

1982-5: practiced in B.C. as a Chiropractor.

  • 2 years with Associates.
  • 1 year independent practice (specializing in Athletic Therapeutics).

·       Fitness Instructor.

·       Trainer for Apollo, Pacific Coast League soccer team.

·       Coached and played on 4 Soccer Teams in preparation to play in the Pacific Coast League in the 85-86 season, possibly for the Vancouver White Caps farm team.

1985: T5-6 complete Paraplegic < broken back.

  • In the hospital, he was given a New Testament by one of his soccer players. Vance did not know this guy was even a Christian ‘till then. After finishing reading other literature, about 1 month later (obviously, not grabbing the Bible for a crutch); Vance read the complete New Testament. He realized that only a supernatural force could have causes the hundreds of Old Testament prophecies to be precisely fulfilled in the events encompassing Jesus’ life.
  • He became Born Again, Oct. 85.
  • He thought, without God, the best I ever was, was a genius of an idiot. If I would have learned this stuff as a young child & took it to heart, my life truly would have been superior. I am 27; I can dedicate the next 3 years until I am 30; reading, studying & applying the Bible to my life or bang my head against the wall, learning it the hard way, for the next 10-20 years.
  • In the 1st month, while Vance was primarily focused on personal change, the Lord impressed very clearly in his mind, “I am going to use your educational abilities to teach you to teach others.”   
  • He read the New Testament another 2-3x’s & the book of Acts an additional 4x’s the 1st month & the complete Old Testament the 2nd month.
  • He read the Bible 8-16 hours a day for the 1st 3 months; an average of about 8 hours per day for about 3 years.
  • In spite of his education he never read any other book entirely through more than once, except the Bible numerous times, because it is not only fascinating, but the only book you could read all day, every day for the rest of your life & never stop learning ... because it is supernaturally authored.

1990: God appeared to Vance, in a White Cloud for 20 minutes & called him to ministry.

1990 - 2000: Compelled by, the best way to succeed with God is to serve others; the homeless, abused, disadvantaged, substance abusers, naïve, etc.:

§       Founded ‘Bread of Life Ministries’ nonprofit society.

§       Started numerous Ministry Houses in Vancouver, British Columbia.

§       Bible Camp near Cultus Lake, B.C.

1999: I was being harassed by a young police officer, who antagonistic to me, because I was a Christian, though I was a positive influence in the neighborhood, even though with the apartment manager next to our ministry houses, saved the Non Profit Neighborhood Policing facility, by designing, posting flyers & putting on a free dinner for the community at the church we attended – for public awareness of the said facility. This officer organized 2 raids on our houses in 6 months. A Stock Broker, we helped off the streets, knew the previous Mayor’s son, who was a lawyer. This Lawyer arranged a news meeting at our houses, to address the issue. This led to VTV News, ultimately doing a 5 minute Feature Story, on the houses, the dogs & myself …

VTV News – Feature Story of the Year. In the video, the announcer refers to me as the “Pitbull Prophet” per the 1988 nickname Pitbull for Jesus, some Christian brothers coined, because of my ability to captivate people, when sharing the gospel. I had forgotten about the nickname until this video.

2001: January, Vance went to Southern California, after God spoke to him in a dream, confirming a previous 1994 dream, given to him by God in San Antonio Texas. God wanted Vance to be in the USA when 911 happened to observe subsequent world events from a USA perspective.  

2001-2007: Numerous trips between Canada, Southern California, Reno, Samoa, American Samoa, Honolulu & Sacramento. 

2004: another dream from God, on the 10th year anniversary date of the Texas dream, about a trip to the east coast … to New York; inspiration to build his own computer, start writing articles, build website RealityCheq.com, prepare service dogs for trip & have RealityCheq.com mural painted on van & trailer.  

2006: Aug- Sept, 3 week trip to Samoa with Jeff. We ended up in the News twice.  Samoa news

December: ordained a Pastor. 

2007: April, RealityCheq.com mural on van & trailer completed in LA, by Hector Rios. It arrived back in Reno, on the 8th, Easter Sunday. Pictures

  • May 3, the 1st trip with the van, trailer & dogs was to Vancouver - Fraser Valley region, BC, Canada, arriving on the 5th; ministry, outreach, fellowship & retrofit inside of RealityCheq trailer - until Nov. 7th. God delivered my friend, Peter, of schizophrenia through a dream the morning I crossed the border, Sat. May 5th. He has been of a sound mind to date: even helping a Vancouver food ministry & doing extensive traveling; multiple trips to Czechoslovakia & 1 trip to Israel.
  • Nov. 7th: Headed for Edmonton, Alberta that evening, arriving on the 8th, to attend the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship A.G.M., then start a house ministry to help alleviate a homeless explosion. Celebrated my 50th birthday on the 12th, in Edmonton, with friend, Pastor Jurgen Rath.
  • Opened 1st house December 1st, considering, 'What little I am able to accomplish is better than accomplishing nothing.' Opened 1st house December 1st. -50, coldest winter of my life. Helped ~60 persons off the street, ~14 professed salvation, ~6 lives significantly changed. Edmonton News article.
  • Dogs pulling my wheelchair in Edmonton.
  • Turned the House over to a married couple (Cal & Eva) & headed back to Reno, Nevada with my friend Jeff, June 24, ...  

2008, arriving at the Alberta, Canada - Montana, USA boarder, early AM, Jun. 25th - acquired new 2 year Visa  - arrived back in Reno, Nevada, late PM.

Moses, diagnosed with kidney failure, Sept 8 – nursed him till …

2009: Feb 7, Moses passed away.

Feb – Mar, Jeff & I join Mary McKnight founder of Mountain Ministries in Reno Food Ministry – serving local homeless & struggling working class.

Dec - Jeff, Paul & I start feeding homeless at Tent City – economy is devastating many – even many children there with parents. Also, increase local house ministry to help shelter & rehabilitate.

2010: Feb-Jun house is averaging 4-8 from the street.

Jun - Jeff & I buy 32’ TRI-STAR, Trimaran in San Diego – major step toward South Pacific Ministry – also looking at beach front property, in South Pacific will see what God does? 

June - City of Reno, NV ... Thank you letter, for feeding the homeless, 2 times per week, since December 2009. This service was a joint function with Mountain Ministries. 

Oct. 16th, set off on Washington D.C. & NY trip, returned on Dec. 2nd.

2011: 9 months in Baja, Mexico, 3 months in Reno

2012: Mostly in Reno, some time in Baja.

2013: Rented House in Baja, Mexico.





The peace of God be with you !!!













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