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What Made the U.S.A. Great ???


Many say democracy.                                    

Others say God.                                                                          

The historical facts … 

The founding fathers of the United States of America openly proclaimed belief in the God of the Bible*3 forming this nation under God in submission to the scriptures*8 … intending the Declaration of Independence*4, Constitution*5 & Bill of Rights*6 … subsequent ratifications, ordinances and laws … to be representations of this fact. In God we trust, on how many pieces of currency ?

The primary biblical definition of the word 'church' refers to all true followers of scripture.

Accordingly, it is erroneous to believe the founding fathers intended to keep the church out of the government when obviously they believed the government to be primarily represented by the church … they believed that they themselves were part of the church … obviously, they  intended the government to be 'a' representation of the church*10.

If you read the 1st Amendment*2 for yourself you will see that it very clearly states that the government shall make no ordinance pertaining to the church. It does not say, nor infer that the church should not influence the government … in fact; such a consideration totally contradicts the inspiration and intentions of the founding fathers, in all that they collectively spoke, wrote and did. 

The founding fathers stipulated the success or failure of the nation would be in proportion to its obedience or disobedience to the God of the Bible and His ordinances. Furthermore, they warned us that the generation not in submission to these facts would lead to the destruction of this nation. Most schools, hospitals and 'associations of generosity' in this country were inspired and created in accordance with these precepts. The Bible was the primary foundational 1st book read by most students; the ten commandments being the foundation of morality.

History substantiates that every nation that has obeyed the God of the Bible and His 'dictated' writings has flourished in dominance until they turned away from those concepts … Israel and Great Britain were two primary examples … now it is the U.S.A.

In the 1960’s, legislation began to be passed removing God and Biblical influence from public schools and legal institutions producing a generation ignorant of it’s true God and authority … inciting spiritual rebellion and moral atrocities … the precursors to national self-destruction. Consequentially, major crimes have increased 300 - 2000 % categorically. The economy has become a house of cards.

A republic*7 under God made this country great. Democracy without God is destroying it. Ultimately, the issue is not a republic, democracy, monarchy, socialism or dictatorship …  it is a country and leadership under God or not.

10-20 % of people are righteous and willing to suffer for it … 10-20 % of people are evil and willing to suffer for it … 60 to 80 percent of people are cowards and follow whoever has the power. This is the riddle to the predicament. Where we stand is not determined by what we say or do … but by what we say & do.

Conclusion …           We need God in America … again !!!   



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The peace of God be with you !!!




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For a liar the simple truth is never enough !!!

Agree or disagree with the Founding Fathers, but do not desecrate their legacy by falsely asserting they did not publicly proclaim belief in the God of the bible & adherence to His scriptures, with the intent of forming this country & its government according to those precepts, in representation of the majority public perspective, concurrent at that time. The founding documents, including the Constitution, were written in that context, so must be defined subordinate to scripture, to be in the original context. If the present majority disagrees, the Framers provided for change, with the admonition that diversion from God's precepts would result in subsequent adverse consequences ... that are being realized today ... in a society where 70-90+% say they are Christian; the majority (~85%), in their own or another erroneous perspective, in extreme contradiction to the scriptures of the Almighty, adorned by the Founding Fathers.

Erroneous believers can usually be discerned by:

Question: Are you a Christian?

Response: An often indignant, "Of course ... according to my own understanding," often avoiding definitive Christian biblical terminology, precepts or discourse & often refer to God as, "The man upstairs." Instead of a simple, humble & calm or excited, "Yes ... are you?" with a positive anticipation of deeper, brief or prolonged discourse. It would be extremely difficult to find a person not interested in discourse about their true valued beliefs, interests & activities; sport, recreation, hobby, technology or academic topic, whether they agree or disagree on various proponents. Professing Christianity, for most in America, is a conscious or unconscious reflex of socio-religious-political correctness. Avoidance to deeper discourse is often disreputably justified by the intent of diverting potential disagreement; behavior, strongly denounced by Jesus Chris Himself, as a cowardly act of betrayal to Him & His precepts.

God sits in the amphitheater of your mind ... what does He see? 



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