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The 10 commandments are God’s moral foundation for individual & communal living, just as the 10 digits ‘1-10’ are the foundation to mathematics. They are further simplified into 2 Great Commandments:

1.     Love the Lord with your entire being.

2.     Do unto your neighbor as you would have your neighbor do unto you.


1.     If you truly love God, you will desire & do the 1st 4 Commandments.

2.     If you possess Godly love for your neighbor, you will desire & do the last 6 commandments.


You only love yourself in a Godly manner to the degree you LIVE these 10 Commandments, in the perspective of His Word, not another. Loving your neighbor as your self means relating to them perspective to these 10 values. Thus partaking in or being an accomplice to any unGodly activity is not Godly love; substance abuse, non-marital-heterosexual sex, neglecting to be a witness to & promoting the truth (abdicating to a lie).


The pivotal matter is truth versus lies. God is truth & there is no lie in Him. God is 1 God, manifesting in 3 subcategories (Father, Son & Holy Spirit), each being 1 truth with many subcategories of truth. Such is all creation. God is a Spirit, so everything originates from spirit. Every truth of God adds more of God’s Spirit to our spirit, making us more 1 with God, enabling us to perceive GOD’S PERSPECTIVE in our moment to moment lives; walking in fellowship with Him. Diminishing these truths removes Gods Spirit from us & our ability to see His perspective. 

Lucifer is the creator of lies. God created him spiritually pure but for whatever foolish reason he decided to use his free will to believe & manifest a lies against God. For every truth of God there are many lies of contradiction & minimization. Each lie of his that we believe, whether we speak or act on it or not, removes us further from God & closer to him, whether we believe in him or despise him or not. Each lie we believe makes us more vulnerable to his deceptions & harder to relate to God’s truth. Thus, I believe in God but do not want to discuss it, under the guise of avoiding disagreement. But we will debate sports, etc. to the point of contention & remain friends.  

Unless we build our foundation of moral truth on what God says 1st, in every category of morality we subject ourselves to the multitude of Satan’s lies; thinking we are doing right, thinking we have fixed a problem, only to create multiple new problems. Each generation of these faulty fixes complicates our problems exponentially, removing us further & further away from God, though we may profess God. Any false belief can be erroneously justified by adopting a false foundation that appears supportive.  

God knows that the same amount or less energy would have revealed the truth & exposed the lie by consulting God’s Word 1st. That is why there is a huge effort by many to omit God’s Word from the debate. That is like removing the judge from a court hearing. Thus no excuses! … when we finally stand before Him … THE GREAT & ONLY TRUE JUDGE … Who will Judge the judges of this world, according to His perfect Law, as they judged man according to man’s imperfect law. We are all judges of right & wrong to some degree.


What foundation are we building on … His Rock or Lucifer’s sand? 


Little white lies are not white, but black. If they are only little, why not tell the truth. The truth is they may be little in terms of number of words but are usually stated to avoid a bigger problem; to deceitfully cover up a wrong, avoid taking the heat for the truth or protect someone’s feelings, when we do not like people lying to protect our feelings. We tell children not to lie to us because there is no need, for they can trust us. Do we lie in front of them. Jesus, while on this earth never lied, setting the example for us. 

There are no excuses for lying. Tell the truth or say nothing. However, God will not condone silence if we are trying to cover up our or someone else’s wrong. Silence is justified only if according to God, it is truly none of their business or they want the information for an evil purpose. If silence impedes Godly justice, it is wrong & is an accomplice to the injustice.   

Even lies in jest are not wise, as they teach us to lie. How many times have we seen people hide from what they said & meant by saying, “I was only joking.” Joking gestures are only one step from truly lying. Better to stretch our mind a little with truth based humor. However, be careful because as a little wine is OK, but a little more is drunkenness, so a little fun is humorous, but a little more is foolishness.  






The peace of God be with you !!!




Copyright © 2004-2008   Dr. Vance Coan   *




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